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Zagreb is a city where the cultural life is intense and where art is everywhere: from historical theaters to modern showrooms, from museums to outdoor events. To have an idea of the Croatian capital’s cultural importance suffices to say that the city has 24 museums, 19 theaters and 65 galleries.

In Zagreb the theater is very significant and it’s unforgivable not to know the National Theater (www.hnk.hr), stage where many famous actors and actresses have been, but that also hosts ballet shows and opera. The Kerempuh (www.kazalistekerempuh.hr), the Komedija (www.komedija.hr), or the Merlin (www.kazalistemerlin.hr) are just three more rooms with their own program, but since the taste for the arts should be cultivated from a young age, there is no lack of stages dedicated to attracting younger people, like the Zagreb’s Marionette Theater (www.ykl.hr), the Ribica (www.cmr.hr) or Dubrava (www.kazalistedubrava.hr). The dozens of art galleries and museums constitute one other proof of the appreciation that Croatians have for a broad range of artistic displays. Arts, archeology, craftwork, ethnography and science are some of the area with their own and well assessed museums, but the most unusual is the Broken Relationships Museum (www.new.brokenships.com), which exhibits objects like wedding gowns, photographs and typical present from couples in love, like teddy bears or even pink handcuffs. Music is also everywhere and the events calendar has no breaks. Squares and churches often host shows and, in the summer, outdoor festivals multiply. The Philharmonic, the Zagreb Quartet and the Chamber Choir are already city symbols. Showrooms like the Vatroslav Lisinski Pavillion (www.lisinski.hr) and the Croatia’s Music Institute (www.hageze.org) contribute towards a pretty booked agenda.

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