Positive Boarding at Heathrow Airport

What is Positive Boarding?

Positive Boarding is a new technology which allows airlines to view the status of each passenger on their flight and whether or not they have passed airside/into the Departure Lounge. It also improves punctuality by cutting airlines' last minute searches for passengers.

The solution will assist passengers who are running late or have missed their flight by displaying a message at Ticket Presentation.

From 16 April, Positive Boarding will start working at Heathrow Airport, in London.

How does it work?

Positive Boarding works by utilising the existing barcode scanning at Heathrow’s Automatic Ticket Presentation gates, Assistance desks, airside exit points and the airline check-in desks airside. Information gathered from each passengers’ boarding pass scan is used to populate a real-time passenger list by flight. Airlines access the passenger list facilitating real-time visibility of when and where their passengers went airside (into the Departure Lounge) or equally importantly, when they have not done so. A set of pre-determined rules manage passenger access to the Departure Lounge by assessing whether the passenger can make it to their departing flight on time, or whether they should be returned to check-in for assistance.
The time limit to access the Departure Lounge is 30 minutes for passengers travelling in Economy Class and 20 minutes for those who are travelling in Business Class.

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