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Enjoy the best Portuguese, Brazilian and International cuisine in tap|executive


New Menus

Discover a new world of flavours with tap|executive

When you travel in tap|executive class, our goal is to make your trip a unique, exclusive and memorable experience.

Our new menus put the spotlight on Portuguese products, flavours and traditions in order to strengthen TAP’s image as a promoter of national products.

Dessert offerings will continue to highlight traditional Portuguese sweets and pastries, an optional cheese plate and fresh fruit in season.

Gastronomia Gastronomia Gastronomia

Cuisine grounded in Portuguese tradition and prepared with fresh healthy ingredients
Typical Portuguese cuisine reinterpreted by Chef Vítor Sobral in a contemporary, creative and sophisticated way.
To start off the meal, the new amouse-bouche with toasted nuts and seeds.
A selection of six new soups, a culinary icon of the long-haul in-flight service, served with delicious garnishes.  
Salad garnishes include a generous sampling of top quality products, including partridge escabeche, marinated shrimp, salt cod confit and wheat salad, among others. All accompanied by chutneys or vinaigrettes specially designed to complement the selected garnishes.
Six new desserts and the traditional Port wine.

New Breakfast
To wake up in style, the tap|executive breakfast includes a plate of cold cuts and various cheeses, fresh fruit, yoghurt and a bread basket. Selection of teas, coffees and juices.   

New Snack
Light meals that include a variety of quiches, pies, salads, fresh fruit and a sweet dessert.

Pureed Chickpea Soup

Ingredients (10 servings) 


5 oranges, separated into segments
1 package salmon roe
Szechuan pepper to taste
2 tablespoons julienned mint leaves
Extra virgin olive oil to taste  
Flor de sal (gourmet sea salt) to taste 

Mix all the ingredients together and garnish the soup just before serving. 


800 g cooked chickpeas
200 g onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, sliced
200 g celery, diced
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
2 litres chicken broth
Traditional sea salt to taste

Add the chickpeas to the chicken broth and boil. Season with sea salt, puree the mixture and strain it through a chinois.



TAP offers a large selection of sparkling wines, red and white wines, ports and spirits.

Tropical fruit juices, coffee - including "Expresso" - and a variety of teas are also served on-board our aircraft.

It is our custom to prioritise wines from Portuguese vineyards in our wine list, whose richness and quality result from centuries of work and the diverse terrain, which contribute greatly to spreading Portugal's reputation overseas.

After careful selection by a panel of renowned specialists, including João Paulo Martins, David Lopes Ramos, Manuel Gonçalves da Silva, Maria João de Almeida, Luis Antunes and Dânio Braga, this list comprises white wines, reds, ports and sparkling wines.


Three Portuguese wines served on-board our aircraft were acclaimed by the American "Global Traveler" magazine as being among the best wines served by airlines across the world.

The award-winning wines served on TAP flights were Casa de Santar Reserva 2007, RDO Dão, which was voted the best red wine in Business Class, Luís Pato 2010, which won third place for the best sparkling wines, and Paulo Laureano Reserve 2010 Branco, RDO Alentejo, which was considered the fourth best white wine served on board.

More information about "Wines on the wing 2011" available in here.





NOTE: TAP may limit or prohibit the consumption of alcohol on board their aircrafts. The consumption of any alcoholic beverages carried into the aircraft by passengers is prohibited.


The Chefs

Vítor Sobral - Cuisine Consultant

Vítor Sobral has a unique cooking style, combining traditional ingredients in his dishes, such as olive oil and aromatic herbs, in an ongoing search for new experiences.

He unites great creativity with absolute mastery of the culinary art, without forgetting artistic flair.

His cuisine is firmly based on celebrating Portuguese products, flavours and traditions which he defends with passion and for which he has been an ambassador. His creative, serious and solid cookery has colour, fragrance and flavour, building on our best traditions, without forgetting contributions from Africa, Brazil and other ports of call.

Vítor Sobral's cuisine combines tradition with modernity, without yielding to passing fads. He has an aesthetic but clean sense which gives his cookery a very personal and distinct character.

His considerable success has won him awards such as Chef of the Year 1999, awarded by the Portuguese Cookery Academy and Commander of the Order of Henry the Navigator.

Alongside his work as Head Chef and Cuisine Consultant, he also teaches at ESHTE (the Estoril Hotel and Tourism College), has various books published and is ever present at international cookery events and in renowned publications such as the New York Times. He has won Portuguese and international awards.

Dânio Braga - Cuisine Consultant

TAP invited chef Dânio Braga to introduce the huge diversity of culinary ingredients and influences from Brazilian cookery and to create a special menu for you.

This award-winning chef is a member of the “Ordre de Coteaux de Champagne” association in Reims and has a diploma from the “Associazione Italiana di Sommeliers”. He is also one of the most distinguished chefs in Brazil and a gastronomic reference among critics.

He is Founder of the Boa Lembrança Restaurants Association and the Brazilian Sommeliers Association and was elected Wine Personality of the Year 1992. He was also named Cookery Personality of the Year 2006 by Prazeres da Mesa Magazine, the most important cookery magazine in Brazil.

Dânio Braga is currently a respected gastronomic consultant who works with restaurants and companies in Brazil and other countries.


Boa Lembrança Dish

Whenever we have an unforgettable experience, we like to keep a memento. This is the aim of the Boa Lembrança ('Souvenir') Dish.

When we travel to a different place, meet someone interesting or watch a great film, we like to keep a souvenir. This might be a photo, a card or an old ticket. It is a simple way never to forget good times. Why not do this with a creative and well-cooked dish?

This was Dânio Braga's idea, in March 1994. He is the founder and vice-president of the Boa Lembrança Restaurant Association. Inspired by the customs he brought from his region of origin, Emilia Romagna, and from Parma, the city of his birth, Dânio decided to encourage the habit, in Brazil, of taking a nice souvenir with you after a good meal. Or rather, not just a simple souvenir, but a collectable work of art - the Boa Lembrança dish.

Today the Boa Lembrança Restaurant Association has over 93 (ninety-three) associates and TAP. 

Choose TAP's Boa Lembrança Dish and take home a fun ceramic interpretation of the exclusive recipe.









The Boa Lembrança Dish is available on selected TAP routes, which change every month. 

Recife             X  
Belo Horizonte            X          
Brasília       X     
Porto Alegre     X                X    
Rio de Janeiro X                X        
Guarulhos / Viracopos   X                 X      
Manaus / Belem             X          

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