TAP Products

1 flight, 5 ways to travel.


TAP Products

Because each passenger is unique, TAP has created 5 new ways to travel. each of these products is associated to different services, regarding reservations and advantages on the ground and on board. 

Discover the options we offer and choose the way you want to travel.

  tap|discount tap|basic tap|classic tap|plus tap|executive



Ticket changes

Charge (1) Charge (1) Charge (1) No charge No charge (2) 


  Partial (1) Total  Total (2)

Victoria Miles

10% 50% / 100% (3) 100% 125% 200% 

  tap|discount tap|basic tap|classic tap|plus tap|executive

Ground and on board services*

Priority Check-in      
Priority security/x-ray   



Lounge access      (5)
Access to Premium Customer Centre (Lisbon)
Priority baggage      
Seat reservation    (7)  (7)
Upgrade with miles    
Differentiated boarding
Differentiated disembarkation
Parking (Portugal)      
Valet Parking (Lisbon / Porto)      
Newspaper**     (9) 
On board service
Economy Service
Economy Service
Economy Service
Economy Service

Executive Service (11)

Exclusive benefits with TAP ground partners


* TAP/PGA aircraft
** On flights operated by TAP departing from Lisbon and Porto and according to the TAP Product.

(1) The amount of the penalties varies depending on the destination. Different conditions apply before and after departure.
(2) Not applicable in some promotional fares. Penalty for no-show applies on some routes.
(3) 50% medium haul and 100% long haul.
(4) Not all airports offer this facility.
(5) TAP Lounges, Star Alliance Airline Lounges and Contracted Lounges.
(6) Lisbon.
(7) Subject to confirmation on the date of travel.
(8) For long haul flights.
(9) Choice on board.
(10) Economic meal and entertainment.
(11) wardrobe, newspaper and magazine executive meal (3 options long haul), amenity-kit (long haul).


For more detailed information, check the conditions of your fare.