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Hannover, the city of events

Hannover is a cosmopolitan place open to innovation and inhabited with friendly people. The city is also considered the greenest city in Germany, inviting visitors and natives alike to enjoy outdoor socialising, sport and activities or to simply contemplate nature.

It is a harmonious place that offers good public transportation, providing quick access to commercial areas (Hannover’s shopping streets are among the most extensive in all of Germany), parks, beautiful Baroque gardens, lakes and an enviable historical centre. What has made the city famous have been the events held here. Countless fairs, such as the fair Hannover hosted in 2000, Expo 2000, which attracted 20 million visitors, are recognised worldwide.

The idyllic cities and towns of the region, as well as recreational and leisure areas like Steinhuder Meer or the mountains of Deister, can also be quickly and conveniently reached from Hannover.
Strolling through the city will not only be a walk to discover something new, but it will also be an unforgettable experience.

More about this city

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