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Tallinn, a modern romantic

Impetuous cold and timid sun, with strong winds and heavy fog, give this city a mysterious and romantic air that only special visitors can appreciate.

Going from the Old Town towards the 19th century style city centre, we find the city’s most important museums, such as the Estonian History Museum, which tells the history of the country from pre-historic times, the open-air museum that transports us to rural Estonia and the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin, which shows us the religious side of Estonia.

The medieval characteristics of the city – its pointy towers, castle keeps, great walls and irregular cobblestones - naturally take us back in time.

A time that encompasses not only the past but also the present, one that includes the Internet, mobile phones and ATMs; something that has taken hold of the streets and the habits of Estonians who are anxious to reclaim the independence and modernity that was delayed by others, but which is once again in their own hands, and the influences of the visitors who leave their mark there.

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