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My luggage did not appear at baggage reclaim. What should I do?collapsed

If your luggage is missing, please follow these steps:

  • Report it to the TAP counter (Lost & Found), before leaving the baggage reclaim area
  • TAP will immediately start searching for the luggage through a universal system — the Worldtracer. To learn more about the process, please contact the phone number provided when the report is issued. Alternatively, you can check Worldtracer at TAP's website;
  • Once TAP has your luggage, it will be sent to the address you provided in the report or you will be informed of the collection procedure.

I didn't report my missing luggage at the TAP counter. What should I do?collapsed

If you don’t have a claim process number yet, please contact us at our Contact Center. You should do it in no more than 21 days after the flight.

My luggage has been missing for more than 48 hours. What should I do?collapsed

In this case, please send a detailed list of the contents and value of the luggage. For more information on this subject and to fill out our form here.

I have the original receipts for some goods that are inside my lost luggage. Where should I send them?collapsed

If you’re outside your home area, please send the original receipts for clothes and toiletries you’ve purchased, for review and possible payment: TAP Portugal APARTADO 50194 EC S. JOÃO DE BRITO (LISBOA) 1704-970 LISBOA PORTUGAL

My luggage came out damaged on the baggage carousel.collapsed

If your luggage is damaged, please report it at the TAP counter (Lost & Found), before leaving the baggage claim area. We will check it and issue a document, which you should keep until the case is solved.

I only noticed my luggage was damaged after I left the airport. What should I do?collapsed

In that case, please contact us at our Contact Center.

Worldtracer is asking me for a file reference. What is this?collapsed

In case you don’t have the reference to track your lost luggage, please contact our Contact Center and select the option "issues regarding luggage".

Where will my lost luggage be delivered to me? Do I have to collect it at the airport?collapsed

Your luggage will be delivered to you at your place of convenience, unless there are customs duties. In this case, please pick it up at the airport.

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