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TAP Miles&Go benefits

You automatically get TAP Miles&Go status when you join the programme. Check out everything we have to offer you and start enjoying the benefits.
  • Illustration in shades of green and red with two elements. In the center, a teddy bear. On the right, a TAP ticket.

    Child tickets

  • Illustration in shades of green and red with two elements. In the center, a large coin with the inscription “M”, representing the miles of the TAP Miles&Go Programme. On the right, a TAP plane ticket.

    Miles tickets

  • Illustration of the first half of an airplane with the Star Alliance logo on the side, in shades of green.

    Round the world tickets

  • One way miles tickets

  • Illustration representing four TAP plane tickets. Each ticket contains the airline logo and, on the left side, a color that identifies the fare (discount, classic, executive and top executive). The tickets are diagonally arranged, partially overlapping and arranged in ladder, from the most economical to the most exclusive fare.

    Products and services

  • Illustration in shades of green and red, displaying a plane seat with a blanket, a dining tray with a snack, and a mile from the TAP Miles&Go Programme. On the back of the seat, on the top right, there is a seal with an arrow pointing up, referring to the Executive Class Upgrade.


  • Illustration with a striped shopping bag in various shades of green. On the upper right corner, there is a superimposed round red stamp with a percentage symbol inside, in white.

    Offers and promotions

  • Illustration with a gift: a box in shades of green with a red bow.

    Birthday gift