Donate miles

Get a big smile.

A Christmas above the clouds, thanks to your miles.

Every little child is a great cause.
This Christmas the TAP Miles&Go Programme wants to turn all miles into miles of love.

Until December 15th, donated miles will be turned into TAP Store gifts and delivered to children and young people of CrescerSer and Novo Futuro.

The gifts

To ensure the children and young people have a special Christmas, we have chosen very special gifts: toys, bodies and T-shirts, sound column, stuffed airplanes, backpacks, comforters and headphones.

The institutions


CrescerSer is a national Private Institution of Social Solidarity born in 1986 with the mission of promoting and spreading childrens' rights. It shelters children and young people that were victims of abuse and helps them, and their respective families, projecting their life and autonomy.

In its 7 Temporary Shelter Centres, which are separated by age for children from 0 to 12 years old, and from 12 to 18 years old, CrescerSer shelters an average of 96 children / young people per day.

Novo Futuro

Novo Futuro Association is an IPSS – Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (Private Institution of Social Solidarity) – established in Portugal in 1996. It embraces the mission of sheltering, in small family homes, young people facing a social risk for having been deprived of a safe family environment. These young people are frequently marked by experiences of involuntary exposure to situations of neglect and physical and psychological abuse. For that reason, the sheltering in "clusters of brothers" is favoured.

To this day, Novo Futuro has already helped 225 children / young people at risk.
  1. It is not possible to reclaim the donated miles;
  2. This donation cannot be considered for the purpose of tax benefits;
  3. Campaign valid from November 20th to December 15th, for all TAP Miles&Go Clients who have enough miles to donate.