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Join us. Together we embrace Ukraine!

By donating miles, you are helping two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that are on the frontline providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population

Holding wings with Ukraine

The TAP family is devoted to supporting humanitarian aid actions, namely to two NGOs that currently provide support to Ukraine and their refugees.

Until 31 de March, you can donate your miles to the Médicos do Mundo and Ukrainian Refugees UAPT NGOs and help in the continuous humanitarian contribution, they have been making to the Ukrainian population. 

Both NGOs are, through essential goods, such as food, clothing, medical and humanitarian aid, supporting refugees in travel or those already in neighbouring countries. They also make first necessity goods, medication, hospital and sanitary supplies, reach the areas of Ukraine that are most in need. 

To support these organisations, simply choose the number of miles you wish to donate and contribute to the humanitarian actions that are taking place. Your donation can help make a difference. 

Médicos do Mundo and Ukranian Refugees are grateful for the support shown to the Ukrainian people. This solidarity initiative was a success and no further mileage donations can be accepted for these organisations.

About the two Non-Govermental Organisations

Médicos do Mundo

Médicos do Mundo has been supporting the Ukrainian populations since 2015. They act through mobile units near health centres, providing essential medical equipment and reinforcing the training of professionals.

Currently, it is developing rescue and medical assistance operations to the Ukrainian population in travel or to those already in neighbouring countries.

Find out more information on the organisation’s page.

Ukrainian Refugees UAPT  

The organisation collects essential goods to send to Ukraine.Locally, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local Ukrainian entities, they have a green corridor to make sure that all the help reaches the areas most in need.

Up until now, it has sent more than 150 tons of food and clothing and 20 tons of medication and hospital supplies.

Find out more information on the organisation’s page.

TAP is on the ground

Besides donating miles to the NGOs mentioned in this page, we are helping:
  • Through offering seats and cargo to humanitarian aid organisations on our flights to Poland. 
  • By working with the Portuguese authorities, in support of the official humanitarian aid. 

Find out more information about TAP’s support.

  1. This campaign is valid until March 31st, 2021, or until each partner has reached the stipulated donation limit. 
  2. Campaign valid for TAP Miles&Go Clients who have miles to donate.  
  3. It is not possible to reclaim donated miles.  
  4. This donation is not tax deductible. 
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