Business Class Meals


Business Class - Gastronomy with Excellence

Our menus, from Portugal, focus on Portuguese products and traditional desserts, so that we can show off the best of what we have to offer the world.

The Menus are regularly updated with fresh ingredients that are sustainably sourced.
Served in Portuguese porcelain dinnerware and accompanied by a selection of exclusively Portuguese wines.

The type of meal may vary depending on the destination and flight time.

Menus on short and medium-haul flights
On short- and medium-haul flights we serve different types of meals and beverages, depending on the duration and destination of the flights.

Menus on long-haul flights
On TAP long-Haul flights, you will have a complete gastronomic experience and a varied drinks menu.

Traditional or gourmet flavours, the choice is yours

Customise your flight by pre-ordering just the meal you'd like.

This service is available in all airports where TAP operates. Bookings are available from 30 days prior to the flight date up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.


Learn how to pre-order your meal:

1. Enter your booking code
Select the "Choose" button and enter your booking code and respective last name.
2. Select an eligible flight
To book the meal, select a flight in the Business Class, long-haul or medium-haul, departing during lunch or dinner hours.
3. Choose your meal
Look at the choices and select a main course. 

On long-haul trips you can choose between 3 main dishes.

On medium-haul trips you can choose between 2 main dishes on eligible routes over 2 hours long, if the flight takes place during lunch or dinner (depending on the route/service level) and if hot meals with an optional dish are served on these routes/aircraft.

In pursuit of a more sustainable organization, pre-selecting your meal allows for more efficient loading and menu planning, reducing waste.

By knowing the most chosen dishes, TAP seeks to ensure a service increasingly tailored to each passenger's preferences.


The Business Class porcelain, resulting from a partnership between TAP and Vista Alegre, brings to the fore the quality of the onboard products served by TAP and reflects the modernity of the interior of our cabins. The concept is present in the curved and organic lines, as well as the functionality of each item, perfectly showcasing the authenticity of our onboard meals service. 

The butter dish, inspired by the art of Bordallo, the dessert tray and the tall wine glass are some of the standout items of this service. The onboard experience is therefore marked by several items throughout the journey, with typically Portuguese features and local products given pride of place.

This service is also 15% lighter, aspiring to a more sustainable future, allowing savings in fuel and reduced CO2 emissions.

TAP continues to invest in the best that Portugal’s industry and gastronomy has to offer, sharing the best of what we have with the world!

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Local Stars Project
Chef-created Meals
Discover the Business Class menus, on long-haul flights departing from Lisbon, created by some of the best Portuguese Chefs, where local ingredients are the big stars.
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Wine Experience

Enjoy our Portuguese wines.
Renowned Portuguese wines. TAP may limit or ban alcohol consumption on board. It is forbidden to bring drinks on to the aircraft (except those purchased in the airport Duty Free).