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ANC Azores Holidays Rent-a-Car

Azores, Portugal

ANC Azores Holidays Rent-a-car

40% off the standard rent-a-car fare (€50 minimum)
10% off in promotional campaigns (€40 minimum)
We offer a fast and efficient service at the best prices.

We have a wide variety of vehicles: bicycles, scooters, motorcycles of various displacements, and medium- or larger-capacity city cars, both manual and automatic.

But the stars of our Rent-a-Car business are our Campervans. This exclusive service offers a comfortable and original trip, with the possibility of spending the night near the beaches, lagoons, lookouts and gardens of the greenest island in the Azores.


Open every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

Available vehicles

Scooters, motorcycles of various displacements, cars and campervans.