EconomyXtra: The best Economy Class experience

Enjoy the Economy Class which offers the greatest comfort and more space to relax or work.

Economy Class can be Xtraordinary

Our flights stand out with a renewed fleet of modern and comfortable airplanes featuring top-quality interior materials and the finest Portuguese design. We have been voted Europe's best Economy Class by USA Today and its readers.

Take this opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience and fly on EconomyXtra!

Discover the main benefits of flying on EconomyXtra

More room

Choose a seat in the front rows and enjoy more legroom. Our Recaro seats are extra reclining and have adjustable headrests.

Luggage compartment

Enjoy a dedicated compartment for your hand luggage.
Do you want to fly with extras? Book your EconomyXtra seat now!
    Experience all the benefits of flying in Europe's Best Economy Class!
    • From € 4 / $ 5 / 6 CAD for tap|discount and tap|basic bookings.
    • Included in tap|classic, tap|plus and TAP Miles&Go Gold bookings.

Medium or long haul? Traveling in EconomyXtra gives you more benefits!

Discover the other benefits of choosing EconomyXtra.
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How to book an EconomyXtra seat?

  • Choose a rate with EconomyXtra

    When booking, select tap|classic or tap|plus to book an EconomyXtra seat.
  • Buy your seat

    If you are flying with tap|discount or tap|basic, go to Manage Booking to buy an EconomyXtra seat.
  • Choose your seat during check-in

    You can also choose an EconomyXtra seat when checking in online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your seat on the plane depends on the TAP product you chose when booking your flight or on your TAP Miles&Go status.

Cases that include an EconomyXtra seat:
  • Flight booked with tap|classic;
  • Flight booked with tap|plus;
  • Flight booked by client with TAP Miles&Go Gold status.
Cases that do not include an EconomyXtra seat:
  • Flight booked with TAP|discount;
  • Flight booked with TAP|basic.
If you have booked your flight with tap|discount or tap|basic, you can make your trip even more comfortable by purchasing an EconomyXtra seat: just go to Manage Booking and buy your seat. Check the table below for EconomyXtra rates according to specific destinations
Destination EconomyXtra seat rates
Portugal1, Spain2 and Morocco 20 EUR / 25 USD / 30 CAD
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, United Kingdom3, Ireland and Italy 25 EUR / 30 USD / 40 CAD
Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland2, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Russia2 and Sweden 28 EUR / 35 USD / 45 CAD
Israel2, Ivory Coast2, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana2, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Senegal, Gambia and Sao Tome2 30 EUR / 40 USD / 50 CAD
Intercontinental long-haul flights operated by aircraft other than A330-900 55 EUR / 70 USD / 90 CAD
Intercontinental long-haul flights operated by A330-900 70 EUR / 88 USD / 112 CAD
1Meal differentiation, in EconomyXtra, only valid on Azores and Madeira routes.
2Madrid, Helsinki, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Abidjan, Accra and São Tomé routes, the meal in economy class is the same in both areas of the aircraft, while other characteristics of EconomyXtra are maintained.
3On Gatwick and Heathrow routes hot meals are not available.
Seats can be reserved at any time. In the case of tickets without this benefit included, and if you do not want to pay extra for this service, seats are allocated automatically at check-in (either online or at the airport). Any changes will be charged depending on the TAP Product and the seat requested.

This service is not applicable for Ponte Aérea between Lisbon and Porto or vice-versa.
EconomyXtra is available on routes operated by the following Airbus models: A319, A320, A321, A321LR and A330. In the remaining aircraft (Embraer and ATR) there are no two different Economy Class areas and services.
Our system will do all it can to replace the seat you selected with another with the same characteristics. The chosen/allocated seat row may also be changed; however, the system will make sure you are allocated a new seat of the same type.

For instance, seat 4C, which is a EconomyXtra seat may be changed to 6D, which is also a EconomyXtra seat.