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TAP Upgrades

Fixed Price Upgrade

What is?

Fixed-price Upgrades are available from the moment the check-in opens until two hours before flight departure, depending on the purchase channel. Find out how to book and fly with maximum comfort!

How to Upgrade?

You can choose to Upgrade at a fixed price online or through other channels. See the available options:

  • Booking Management: when the check-in for your flight is available online, go to the "Booking Management" area and access the Fixed Price Upgrade link to check its availability.
  • Mobile check-in: you may also receive an offer during the mobile check-in process and until 24h before your flight.
  • At the airport: you can request your Upgrade at the check-in desk or at the boarding gate 2 hours before the flight departure. Ask the agent for additional information and Upgrade availability for your flight.
  • At the Contact Center: you must inform the Contact Center agent that you want an Upgrade, and the agent will check if the Upgrade conditions are met.

Upgrade Conditions

  • The check-in for the flight you want to Upgrade must be opened.
  • To enjoy an Upgrade on the "Booking Management" channel, you cannot be checked-in already.
  • Upgrade is made per flight segment and for all Customers in the booking.
  • If you do not want the Upgrade to be made for all Customers in the booking, you must contact the TAP Contact Center or the agent at the airport.
  • This service is only available for flights operated by TAP, or operated on its behalf, and by TAP Express.
  • Upgrade availability and its fulfillment depends on Business Class' s availability.
  • The amount paid for the Upgrade is non-refundable, as well as the the services associated to the booking. If you cancel the check-in, the Upgrade will be cancelled as well.
  • The fare conditions of the original ticket are maintained.
  • Non endorsable.
Note: Tickets may not be eligible for the Fixed Price Upgrade due to restrictions based on special needs seating, seat availability, ticket types, groups, and other airline policies. These restrictions are necessary to comply with the law and to ensure that there are appropriate seats for all passengers.
Important information
  • The Upgrade is subject to seat availability, it is always made per flight segment, and the corresponding benefits only apply to the upgraded segment - except for fare conditions that will be the same as the original ticket.
  • Not all services the Upgrade offers are available and some tickets are not eligible for this type of Upgrade.
  • Upgrading to Business Class at check-in or at the boarding gate does not change the baggage allowance (number or weight) included in the original fare.
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