Poland’s territory is vast and offers all possibilities. From the beaches of the Baltic to the Masurian Lakes and the southern mountains. Book a flight to Poland.

The 38 million Poles are still recovering from a past divided between different foreign dominations. And there are many great reasons for us to discover Poland, a singular country.

University cities

Warsaw, the capital, was rebuilt after World War II and has some of the main monuments of the country. But beautiful Cracow is a serious rival, for its richness in arquitecture and artistic vanguard. And also Wroclaw is worth seeing with your own eyes: the market square is huge and splendid!

Experiences to remember

Some say those who go to Auschwitz-Birkenau don’t come back the same; but this is just one of the essential rituals for visitors in Poland. The spot is located down south, near Cracow. Near by you’ll find the remarkable Wieliczka salt mines. And on the border with Slovakia, the unforgettable Tatra Mountains will seduce you as well.

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