United States

A fascinating and wonderful country

United States

From cinema to TV series, from music to politics, it feels as if this country is also a part of all of us. And it is impossible to think about the USA without yearning for Manhattan or conjuring up thoughts of the White House in Washington. Book your journey to the United States.

Great cities 
New York is, without doubt, the most visited city in the country. But it was from Hollywood, in sunny Los Angeles, where the film industry championed “the American dream” all around the world. The San Francisco bridge, the history of Boston, the beaches of Miami and the Chicago towers also make up the experiences to enjoy on American soil.

And great distances 
Beyond the cities, there are huge contrasts. From the Grand Canyon to the ice of Alaska, from the great interior plains to the forests of New England. The Niagara Falls, in the state of New York are legendary, as are the presidential faces sculpted into Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota. The best way to take it all in is to catch “route 66” and cross the country by car, from one end to the other!
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