This photo shows four people—two boys and two girls—smiling and sitting in an outdoor space. The two boys are holding a birthday cake with several lit candles.

Blow out the candles
and make a wish

Happy Birthday!

We want to celebrate this special occasion by giving you Bonus Miles when you book your round trip with TAP during your birthday month or the following month.

Didn't get your birthday present? Access your Customer Area and make sure the email you entered is correct and up to date.

Your birthday present

TAP Miles&Go Status
500 Bonus Miles
  1. This offer is valid on TAP flights with Europe or Intercontinental fares in the month of your birthday or the month following it;
  2. The miles are credited at the end of the 3-month period after your birthday;
  3. Domestic flights are excluded;
  4. Valid only for round trip flight;
  5. Award Tickets are excluded.
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