Giovanni Galli

Giovanni Galli

Earn and spend miles with Giovanni Galli.

Being a "living concept" in the lives of customers is the mission of the men's clothing brand Giovanni Galli, which is today a benchmark in the national fashion industry. Giovanni Galli has strong, modern collections and over 60 stores around the world. It offers a product with superior quality at an affordable price.

Earn miles with Giovanni Galli

Earn miles when you shop at the online store.

Give your TAP Miles&Go Client number when purchasing from the online store. Earn 2 miles for every euro spent on purchases of €60 or over.

The miles will be credited to your TAP Miles&Go card within 3 to 4 months.
€1  in purchases of €60 or over in the online store
2 miles

Terms and conditions

  1. Offer only available for purchases of €60 or more.
  2. I case of return, the client will not have a right to miles if the initial purchase value was €60 or less.
  3. The miles credit request must be made within 6 months of the date of the activity and will be completed within a maximum of 90 days.
  4. Once the miles have been credited to the Client’s Account they cannot be returned.

How to spend miles with Giovanni Galli

6,000 Miles
€20 Offer Voucher

Terms and conditions

  1. The Giovanni Galli voucher is exclusively for use at the online store (;
  2. To use it, make a purchase equal to or more than its value;
  3. The Giovanni Galli shall be inserted in the shopping cart, in the field “Insert Promotional Voucher”;
  4. It should be used within 1 month of its issuance;
  5. The voucher is cumulative with discounts, promotions or campaigns taking place at the site, however, can not be combined with other vouchers;
  6. All purchases made at the online store are subject to the rules established on the site
  7. For more information on the refund procedure, see the following examples: Situation 1 - Total refund: the Giovanni Galli voucher acquired through TAP may not be exchanged again for miles or cash. Thus, the amount of the voucher will always be refunded through another voucher. If the customer has made a purchase greater than the amount of the voucher, this difference shall be refunded through the same payment or a gift card*. Examples: Voucher for 20€ on a purchase of 20€ - Customer will receive a voucher for the full amount; Voucher for 20€ on a purchase of 30€ - Customer receives 20€ in a voucher and 10€ through the same payment method or a gift card*. Situation 2 – Partial refund: If you purchased several articles and only want to return one, the return shall correspond to the amount paid in cash. If the purchase is equal to the amount of the voucher, the amount returned shall be through a new voucher. Examples: Voucher for 20€, purchase of 30€ and return of an article of 10€ - You will receive 10€ through the same payment method or a gift card*; Voucher for 20€, purchase of 30€ and return of an article of 11€ - You will receive 1€ through a voucher and 10€ through the same payment method or a gift card*. * All gift cards are electronic and for the exclusive use on the online store (