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    The Latin America colossus (and only portuguese-speaking country) has the world’s fifth population. Brazil is big on territory, traditions, flavour... and soul! Book a flight to Brazil.

    “Found” in 1500 and independent since 1822, this land blessed by nature deserves to be explored in its entirety. Book a flight and see Brazil...

    From all perspectives
    So many contrasts! From the immense coast to the vastness of the interior; from rich fauna and flora to the northeastern dunes; the diversity of faiths and the social contrasts. A country whose capital is the idealist Brasilia, the largest city Sao Paulo and the most emblematic one Rio, can only be unique.

    On the ‘sambódromo’ or at the beach
    Brazil has many symbols of its own, beyond sun and football, which guarantee a joyous experience. Who can be indifferent to samba, the carnival, forró and caipirinha?
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    Brazil / Brasília
    From 462 Departure from Brussels, One way
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