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    Unaccompanied minors - Conditions

    Children travelling alone

    Learn how minors can travel alone on board TAP. Find out about the conditions and see what is the most suitable solution for you.

    Unaccompanied Minors

    The approval conditions vary depending on the child's age.

    • TAP does not accept children aged from 3 months to 4 years as Unaccompanied Minors. TAP can provide an assistant-companion when the parents or guardians request such;
    • Minors who are not yet 2 years of age must always travel accompanied by an adult. Their adult companion must be at least 18 years old and be able to take care of the minor throughout the journey, including check-in and border and customs formalities. If the infant does not travel with an adult, the service of an Additional Assistant (ESHO) must be booked and paid for;
    • Minors aged between 2 and 4 years (inclusive) may be accompanied by another passenger aged between 12 and 15 years provided the procedures of "Unaccompanied Minor" apply to both, otherwise the service of an Additional Assistant (ESHO) for the child aged between 2 and 4 years will have to be requested and paid;
    • A passenger aged at least 16 years can accompany a child aged between 5 and 11 years, provided that he/she is declared the companion for the entire journey, including his/her acceptance, check-in and for airport formalities;
    • Passengers aged from 5 to 11 years travelling alone are always considered to be Unaccompanied Minors;
    • When aged from 12 to 17 years inclusive they may exceptionally be registered as Unaccompanied Minors at the request of their parents or legal guardians;
    • A child travelling in a different cabin class to that in which the adult travels is also considered to be an Unaccompanied Minor;
    • Waiting list bookings are not accepted;
    • When the Unaccompanied Minor booking is requested and confirmed, it is mandatory to provide TAP with the name and contact details (phone number and address) of the people who will be taking the child to the airport and picking him or her up on arrival.

    Bookings and fares

    To book a trip for an unaccompanied minor, you should contact TAP so that we can assist you during the entire process.

    When the Unaccompanied Minor booking is requested and confirmed, it is mandatory to provide TAP with the name and contact details (phone number and address) of the people who will be taking the child to the airport and picking him or her up on arrival.

    Waiting list bookings are not accepted

    The following fees will be added to the booking of a ticket for an unaccompanied minor:

    Domestic flights  Europe and Morocco Intercontinental flights
    €50 €60 €120

    These charges are as follows:

    • For children aged between 5 and 11 years travelling alone;
    • Per Unaccompanied Minor;
    • Per one way*;
    • For young people aged between 12 and 17 years, if the parents/guardians wish them to be considered Unaccompanied Minors.

    In the event of cancellation:
    The UMNR** service will be refunded if cancelled before departure of the flight.

    * one way - Solely outbound or inbound flight.
    **Unaccompanied minors

    Additional assistant and flight fare

    At the request of the child’s parents or legal guardians, TAP can provide a companion for minors aged between 3 months and 4 years (inclusively) travelling alone.

    The assistant will occupy a seat, which will be charged. In addition to the cost payable for the child's companion, the child will also be charged an adult fare and not the respective child fare.

    The one-way cost is based on the places of departure and arrival of the flight. For example, on a Funchal – Lisbon – London flight, if the child only needs a companion for the Funchal – Lisbon leg, the amount charged for the companion service will be published Funchal – London rate, regardless of not travelling on the Lisbon – London leg.


    Prices and cancellation of the Additional Assistant:

    • The companion’s fare is the normal one-way economy adult fare (only some fares without restrictions may be charged).
    • The child or infant pays the full adult fare in accordance with seat availability on the flight and the published fares.
    • There will be no airport charges for the additional assistant.
    • There is no refund if the minor is a no-show or the companion service is cancelled less than four days before departure.

    Legislation on minors

    The entry and exit of minors in the country must obey the rules and laws in force in Portuguese legislation. 

    Foreign minors born in Portugal

    These minors have the same resident status as that granted to either of their parents.

    In order to apply for a residence permit, either parent must submit the application within six months following registration of the child’s birth.

    Minors entering Portugal

    Foreigners aged under 18 years must present a written travel authorisation in order to enter Portugal. 

    Foreign unaccompanied minors only have permission to enter the country if they present this document duly validated or if a legal representative is waiting for them in Portugal.

    Minors leaving Portugal

    Minors leaving Portugal not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must present at border control a legally certified authorisation from their parents or legal guardians. 

    Minors with Brazilian nationality

    See the document of the National Justice Council or respective website to find out everything you need to do for your minor child to travel in Brazil or abroad.

    Minor Authorisation Document:

    • Requested from Brazilian minors with dual nationality, residing outside Brazil;
    • It has to be certified in a Brazilian Consulate. The certification of the signatures by a notary or lawyer of the country of residence is not accepted;
    • The same applies to minors with dual nationality travelling from Brazil abroad, i.e. they must also present the authorisation certified by a Brazilian Consulate, according to the same rules.