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    Even though the territory is huge, only 142 million people live in the Russian Federation. Besides vodka, Tolstoi and Tchaikovsky, come and discover... Book a flight to Russia.

    Bastions and golden domes

    The Kremlin, in the capital Moscow, is a famous “postcard” all over the world. But it’s Saint Petersburg who gets the crown for most beautiful city. Ekaterinburg has a valious collection of churches – and it’s where the Romanovs came to an end. And in Volgograd, the Mother Russia statue will impress you for sure.

    Radical contrasts

    Not only in temperatures. From Baikal Lake in southern Siberia, the deepest in the world, to the beaches of Zelenogradsk on the Kaliningrad enclave; and from the virgin Komi forests in the Ural Mountains to Lena’s Stone Forest, there are more natural wonders than anywhere else.

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