My flight was cancelled

The Canadian Transportation Agency has defined rules under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations that determine when you are eligible for compensation due to a flight cancellation that causes an arrival delay at your final destination.


Changes and refunds will be processed according to the terms and conditions of the fares you have purchased; more information here.

Communicating with you
    When there is a flight cancellation, we will keep you informed through the contact information you provide us at the time of booking or check-in. You can also check your flight status online here.
Determining refund compensation eligibility
    When a flight cancellation occurs, you may be eligible to a compensation. Please contact us so we may inform you if you are eligible and proceed with the compensation payment when due.

    The Air Passenger Protection Regulations also state that a refund can be chosen as an option for cancellations within the carrier’s control and cancellations required for safety. TAP also offers this possibility for cancellations outside a carrier’s control. In both cases you may opt between being refunded at the original form of payment or through a voucher.