My flight was delayed

The Canadian Transportation Agency has defined rules under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations that determine when you are eligible for compensation due to a flight delay that causes a late arrival at your final destination. Please check the rules here.
Communicating with you

    When there is a departure delay of more than 20 minutes, we will keep you informed through the contact information you provide us at the time of booking or check-in. You can also check your flight status online here.

Determining compensation eligibility
    Compensation eligibility is based in part on the arrival delay reason, which may not necessarily be the same as the departure delay reason. Please contact us so we may inform you of what reasons lead to the flight delay and if such delay is eligible to compensation.



Why delay reasons may change: There may be other events/factors that impact your journey that may not be immediately obvious at the time the departure delay is communicated. What may initially appear to be an issue within our control may actually be the result of an event outside of our control. As such, the reasons for the delay may change between the departure and the arrival.