Taste the Stars

There are Michelin stars in the sky.

We’re taking the superstars of Portuguese cuisine up to the sky.

Every month, starting this September, a national award-winning chef will create a special dish for the Executive class menu on TAP flights.

The star of this month is Cod with Chickpea puree, by chef Rui Paula. 

TAP offers the world the best of Portuguese cuisine.

Portuguese cuisine is more than just one flavour. 

To its long, rich and diverse history, made from the best ingredients and the best wines, we can now add the imagination of the today’s creators. 

Together, six of the best Portuguese Chefs promise to take the best of what is ours to our customers all over the world. 

Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Miguel Laffan, Rui Paula and Rui Silvestre are the rising stars on the horizon –  Michelin stars – and they are joined by Vítor Sobral as ambassadors for TAP and for Portuguese cuisine.

Because our cuisine is Portugal. 

Vítor Sobral 

One of the most important national references, he is the cook who transformed Portuguese cuisine. No comments are needed for the only Portuguese chef distinguished by the President of Portugal.

He is the face of the most international Portuguese group, running restaurants in Portugal and Brazil, where he consistently showcases Portuguese cuisine. In Portugal, he was one of the revolutionaries of the national cuisine and the restaurant business itself.

The new Chefs

TAP is collaborating with five Chefs with Michelin stars who, along with Chef Vítor Sobral, TAP’s cuisine consultant, will further enhance its clients’ travel experience. 

Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Miguel Laffan, Rui Paula and Rui Silvestre join Vítor Sobral for a taste of excellence on board the company’s aircraft.
From September 2017, each month’s in-flight meal will be a creation from one of the Michelin star chefs who have accepted the challenge to promote the best of Portuguese cuisine.

Manifesto signed