Traveling with animals - Conditions for transport

Traveling with animals

Don’t leave your best friend at home. Check the conditions for transporting animals here.

General information

TAP allows transportation of animals in the cabin or hold depending on available space, the type of animal and the combined weight of the animal and container, type of aircraft to be operated, the cabin reserved by the passenger and entry restrictions in the country of destination.

Passengers traveling with animals must:

  • Present the animal’s documents (health certificates, passports and other documents  identifying the animal);
  • Check-in personnel in the airport will verify if all conditions are complied with for the transportation of your pet in the hold. You are asked to sign a disclaimer. View and print the document here (PDF, 0.2MB, EN);
  • Provide the food and water needed for the trip.

Only dogs registered as service animals (SVAN) can be transported to the UK, and only in the cabin. Animals that are not service animals can only be transported out of the UK.

Before traveling and as soon as possible (up to a maximum of 48 hours prior to departure of your flight), you should contact the Veterinary Directorate-General by email so that the documentation can be checked in advance by veterinary control. If your pet does not comply with established health rules, its entry into the country may be refused. This requirement applies whenever you travel with your pet from countries outside the European Union (excluding Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Vatican City State).

For information on transporting animals on flights from Brazil to the European Union, see here.

If you need information on importing and exporting animals, you should contact the embassy or consulate of the country in question.


This service must be requested when make your reservation or before your flight. Otherwise, we may not be able to provide it.

  • 24 hours Minimum advance period for booking transport of an animal.

Confirmation of your request to transport an animal in the cabin or in the hold will depends on:

  • availability of space;
  • the planned type of aircraft;
  • the cabin where the passenger travels.

If the trip involves more than one airline, all the airlines involved must confirm transport of the animal.

The airline must be informed of:

  • the size of the box in which the animal is to be transported;
  • the total weight (transport box with the animal inside);
  • the animal species and number of animals being transported.

Animal transport boxes must comply with TAP regulations.

Traveling with animals

If you are traveling to Brazil and wish to transport food and/or products of animal or plant origin or pets, please read the information available at the websites listed below.

Know the rules to avoid surprises or setbacks while traveling.

Pets can be transported in the cabin or in the hold.

See the conditions, follow our recommendations and make your pet as comfortable as possible.

In the cabin

TAP allows the following animals to be transported in the cabin:

  • PETC: Small pets in cabin (cats and dogs);
  • ESAN: Emotional support animals (dogs);
  •  SVAN: Service animals (guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility, and search and rescue dogs).

  • 8 kg / 17 lbs Maximum weight of animal carry case with animal inside.
  • 40cm x 33cm x 17cm / 15in x 12in x 6in Size of under seat storage area (length x breadth x height) suitable for the flexible bag/carry case.

We reserve the right to refuse to carry your pet in the cabin and to instead place it in the hold should it weigh more and/or be contained in a non-flexible bag/carry case unsuitable for placing in the cabin

An exception is made for assistance dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs), which may travel in the cabin regardless of size. Please see the “Service Dogs” tab.

Cabin transport rules

See the conditions for transporting animals here. Ensure the comfort of your four-legged friends.

  • Only dogs and cats can be transported in the cabin;
  • The flexible bag/carry case may only be used for transporting animals;
  • The flexible bag/carry case must be watertight (capable of retaining animal fluids);
  • There must be enough space within the flexible bag/carry case to allow the animal to move;
  • Confirmation that an animal may be carried in the hold is subject to available space, the type and total weight of the animal and the flexible bag/carry case, the type of aircraft, the cabin in which the passenger is travelling, and the destination country’s restrictions on the admission of animals;
  • All of the animal must be contained within the flexible bag/carry case (including head and tail) throughout the flight;
  • Each passenger may carry one flexible animal transport bag/carry case, which may contain more than one animal of the same species;
  • Should the animal meet all the conditions that allow it to travel in the cabin and have the proper confirmation, the flexible animal transport bag/carry case must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger responsible for it without causing any obstruction to free movement through the cabin;
  • The animal may not occupy a seat or move about in the cabin;
  • The animals must be clean, healthy and odor-free;
  • They must not be a danger to or disturb other passengers;
  • Females cannot be pregnant;
  • We are unable to carry cats or dogs in the executive cabin on long-haul flights (except assistance dogs on some services).


In the hold

  • 45 kg / 99 lbs Carrier with the animal inside.
  • 32 kg / 70 lbs Flights to, from or stopping over in the USA, Hungary, France or the Netherlands.

  • The airline must be informed in advance. Wait for confirmation that the animal can be transported in the hold;
  • Approval to transport animals in the cabin or hold is subject to availability of space, the type of animal, the total combined weight of the animal and its carrier, the type of plane used for the flight, the cabin where the passenger is seated and entry restrictions imposed by the destination country;
  • The animal is transported in a hard-sided carrier provided by the passenger;
  • The passenger must provide sufficient food and water for the entire trip, since no one will be able to feed or exercise animals during stops in transit;
  • After the passenger accepts the conditions of transport, the animal carrier is taken to the ventilated area of the hold;
  • If the weight is over the limit, the animal will have to be transported as cargo;
  • The weight of the animal plus carrier cannot exceed 32 kg  / 70 lbs on flights to, from or stopping over in: The USA, Hungary, France or the Netherlands;
  • The total weight of the animal and its carrier cannot exceed 45 kg (and must comply with the other measurement requirements).

Transporting animals as cargo

Animals must be transported as cargo when the animal's weight, including its carrier, exceeds the maximum weights allowed, 45 kg / 99 lbs. or 32 kg / 70 lbs. in the case of flights to, from or stopping over in the USA, Hungary, France and the Netherlands.

  • The animal must be transported on the route described in the passenger’s ticket.
  • The animal is checked in for transport four hours before departure. The conditions/timetables for accepting animals for transport may vary according to the place of departure.
  • The passenger must provide all the necessary documents and pay any additional fees charged at the place of origin and destination.
  • TAP reserves the right to decide which flight the animal is carried on.
  • On flights from Lisbon to Luanda, animals are transported as cargo.


 Please contact the TAP Portugal Cargo Department for more information:

TAP Cargo website:

Call Center Portugal (Cargo):
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Lisbon: (+351) 218 445 470
Porto: (+351) 229 449 751
Madeira: (+351) 291 520 830
Azores: (+351) 967 661 956

Transport of animals In the cabin In the hold

In the hold as cargo

(if exceeding 45kg)*
Weight Up to 8kg / 17lbs Up to 32kg / 70lbs From 32kg / 70lbs to 45kg / 99lbs From 45kg / 70lbs to 70kg / 154lbs From 70kg/154lbs to 100kg / 220lbs
Domestic Flights (Portugal) 35 70 130 160 190
Europe and Morocco 70 100 200 270 340
Intercontinental Flights 150 200 300 380 480
These are prices per route and are charged in local currency, according to the daily exchange rate.

Note: In the hold as cargo (if it exceeds 45kg) please visit the TAP Cargo website or contact us.