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Madeira Islands, endless adventures

Travel to Funchal at an incredible price!

There is a paradise, and it is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

Boasting excellent weather, delicious cuisine and a friendly, hospitable people, Madeira Island is the perfect place to enjoy your much-deserved vacation in safety!

Explore the landscapes of Madeira and find out why this is such a coveted destination. Treat yourself to the most unforgettable experience ever.

When traveling to Madeira, you will be offered a COVID-19 test by the Madeira Regional Government, which can be used when entering or leaving the region.

This is the kind of opportunity you can't miss, so book now and travel worry-free.

TAP guarantees:

  • A free change to your reservation, now up to 3 days before travel.
  • Compliance with all hygiene and safety rules on your flights. Discover the TAP Clean & Safe commitment, recognized by Skytrax, in the “COVID-19 Airline Safety” category.

Enjoy it now:

Be dazzled by the dreamy landscapes above the clouds on the various walking routes, such as Bica da Cana.

Dive in the crystal clear waters of the natural pools of Porto Moniz.

Discover a forest enchanted by Levada do Rei.

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden has more than 70,000m2 and exotic plants from all over the world.

Follow the trail of Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço, the most visited pedestrian route ever.
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Madeira Island
Pure, inspiring, introspective, this is a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. Discover Madeira Island.
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COVID-19 Updates
Information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on TAP's operation.
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TAP Clean & Safe
All you need to know about our work regarding your safety aboard our planes.
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TAP app
For a safe and contact less journey download the TAP app.
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Covid testing at Lisbon Airport
Now, when traveling from Lisbon, you can take COVID-19 tests with exclusive benefits for passengers with a TAP ticket!
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