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    Meals on board - Dishes and times

    Meals on board

    Flying is just a part of the experience.
    The food and drinks served on TAP flights combine creativity, fresh ingredients and our chefs’ skills.

    Meals in Business Class

    Experience high quality service as you cross the skies. Our menus focus on Portuguese products and traditional desserts, so that we can show off the best of what we have to offer the world.

    Have a look at our suggestions for any time of the day or night.


    Start the day off right with a bread basket, cold cuts, a selection of cheese, fresh fruit and yogurts. Have a nice day and enjoy your meal!

    Lunch / dinner / supper

    We want your trip to be unforgettable. This is why you can expect the best from our chefs, Vítor Sobral and Dânio Braga, who are in charge of delicious dishes with the finest selection of fish, poultry, meat and traditional Portuguese cuisine.


    Light meals with a delicious variety of cold cuts, fresh fruit and desserts.

    Our wines and beverages

    Our selection, which has been prepared by wine lovers and experts from Portugal (Maria João de Almeida, Rui Falcão, Pedro Garcias, Luís Antunes and Fernando Melo) and Brazil (Ricardo Castilho, Marcelo Copello and Dânio Braga), reflects the quality, richness and choice of Portuguese grape varieties.

    Their experience was the key to making sure that our wine list expressed the quality of Portuguese wines, and is one more reason that your trip will be pleasant and memorable.

    We also serve fruit juices, coffee, including espresso, and a variety of teas.

    TAP may limit or ban alcohol consumption on board. It is forbidden to bring drinks on to the aircraft (except those purchased in the airport Duty Free).

    Choose your meal

    Check out the menu and make sure that the meal you want will be available! On each flight, 3 choices are available, which may be meat, fish or pasta dishes. 

    Meal pre-ordering is available in business class on long-haul flights departing from Lisbon for Rio de Janeiro (GIG), on flights operated by TAP and TAP Express. 

    It is also available for Plusgrade passengers, Stopover passengers and passengers changing planes in Lisbon whose travel includes an intercontinental destination.

    Meals can be pre-ordered from 7 days prior to the flight date to at least 72 hours prior to departure.

    1. Log in or enter your booking code
    Log in to your TAP/Victoria account or enter your booking code and surname.
    2. Select an eligible flight
    To pre-order your meal, select a long-haul flight in business class departing from Lisbon.
    3. Choose your meal
    Look at the choices and select a main course. 

    Change your meal pre-order

    If you have already pre-ordered your meal and would like to change it, you can do so here at least 72 hours before the flight.

    Special meals

    Every TAP passenger is unique and we provide special meals free of charge to meet their needs.

    Please request a special meal when booking your flight and at least 24 hours before departure. This service can be requested online, from our Contact Centre, at a TAP office or from your travel agent. Victoria Clients can book at the Victoria Service Centre.

    Special meals available

    Long Haul
    Code Meal
    *AVML Hindu vegetarian meal
    BBML Baby meal
    *BLML Bland meal
    CHML Children’s meal, ages 2-11 (inclusive)
    ****DBML Diabetic meal
    FPML Fruit platter meal
    ****GFML Gluten-free meal
    ***HNML Hindu meal
    ***KSML Kosher meal
    LCML Low-calorie meal
    LFML Low-fat meal
    LSML Low-salt meal
    *MOML  Muslim meal
    NLML Lactose-free meal
    SFML Seafood meal
    SPML Meal with specific ingredients not covered by the above codes, justified for reasons of health (e.g. serious food allergy to peanuts)
    VGML Vegan meal
    VLML Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal
    On intercontinental flights (Business Class) all meals can be confirmed, except: 

    *   flights departing from Praia do not serve AVML, BLML, HNML or MOML meals.
    **  flights departing from Sal do not serve HNML meals.
    *** flights departing from Sao Vicente and Boa Vista only serve KSML meals. KSML meals must be requested 72 hours prior to departure on flights from Luanda.
    **** flights departing from Accra do not serve DBML or GFML meals.

    On European flights (Business Class) all meals can be confirmed.