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    Special Needs

    Is there a cost associated with the Personalised Assistance service?

    Yes. TAP Personalised Assistance provides extra support throughout t all stages of your flight and has variable costs.

    You can find all relevant information here.

    What services are included in Personalised Assistance?

    TAP's Personalised Assistance aims to offer greater comfort and speed to TAP passengers, including:

    • Help with check-in;
    • Transport of hold baggage:
    • Connecting flights.
    There are 4 versions of this service, adaptable to all needs and types of travel — business, individual, group or family.

    You can find all the information here.

    Where is Personalised Assistance available?

    Personalised Assistance service is at your disposal at Lisbon, Porto or Funchal Airports, even if they are your connecting airport.

    How can I book the Personalised Assistance service?

    TAP Personalised Assistance must be requested exclusively online, at least 72 hours prior to flight departure and no more than 60 days in advance.
    Learn more here.

    Can I cancel my Personalised Assistance request?

    Yes. Cancelling Personalised Assistance is possible, according to the conditions described in Article 11 of the Terms & Conditions, available here (PDF, 0.8MB, EN).


    Where are the meeting points for Personalised Assistance at the airport?

    TAP Personalised Assistance is available only in Lisbon, Porto and Funchal Airports. Meeting points vary, depending on whether it's a domestic or an international flight, or whether you are departing or arriving. You can check all meeting points on here.

    Can I travel alone if I'm sick?

    Yes, under certain conditions. You must be able to:

    • Breathe spontaneously without the need for supplementary oxygen;
    • Feed yourself independently;
    • Move from your seat to a wheelchair (if applicable);
    • Communicate with the cabin crew and follow their advice and instructions;
    • Use the restrooms without assistance from the cabin crew;
    • Administer your own medication.

    Under what circumstances should I report my illness to TAP as a medical case?

    A medical case exists if a passenger has a medical condition resulting in dependence on others or requiring personalised assistance. In these cases, the passenger’s doctor must fill out the MEDIF form (PDF, 0.1MB, EN), describing the diagnosis for subsequent analysis by the airline’s medical services. For your own safety and comfort during the flight, please read all relevant information here.

    Do I need medical authorisation to travel?

    If you have a specific clinical situation, if you have a serious or debilitating illness, you must must request to your doctor a Medical Information for Fitness to Travel (MEDIF). Send tap a print-out of the MEDIF (PDF, 0.1MB, EN) completed by your doctor. Once this document has been analysed by tap’s doctor, the airline will inform the passenger whether they will be permitted to travel and under what conditions.

    Find further information here.

    Are there extra charges associated with the medical assistance service?

    Yes. Some medical services are subject to extra charges and must be requested and paid for before the departure date. Acceptance is subject to certain conditions.

    Further information is available here.

    I’m pregnant. What precautions should I take?

    If pregnant, you should take several precautions in order to travel on flights operated by TAP. The following  must carry a medical certificate (from 28 weeks) stating the number of weeks of pregnancy, and that there are no complications:

    • Women up to 36 weeks or 4 weeks before the due date;
    • Women pregnant with twins or triplets, with no complications, up to 32 weeks.

    Expectant mothers must obtain prior authorisation from TAP’s doctors, if they are:
    • Women with risk/high-risk/pregnancies;
    • Women at risk of miscarriage or recent miscarriage;
    • Women with single pregnancies over 36 weeks;
    • Women in doubt about the stage of their pregnancy or due date.

    For safe, worry-free travel, please read all available information here.

    Is there any support service for people with a disability or limited mobility?

    Yes. If you need special assistance due to disability or limited mobility, you may request the My Way service. My Way must be requested, directly with TAP or your travel agency, when booking your flight or up to 48 hours prior to departure.

    Can I request a wheelchair?

    Yes. You'll just need to inform us 48 hours before your flight through our Contact Center or your travel agency.

    For further information click here.

    Can I take a wheelchair to the boarding gate?

    Yes, if it's a manual wheelchair. If you intend to travel with your own wheelchair, please inform us 48 hours before the flight.

    I have special assistance. Can I check in at home?

    Yes. But you still need to pick up your boarding pass at the airport.

    I have special assistance. Where should I go at the airport?

    At any airport, you must contact the check-in counter, where assistance services can be requested. Lisbon and Porto airports have specific counters for special assistance. 

    Find out more here.

    I have special assistance. Will someone be there to help me when I arrive at my destination?

    On the day of the departure, make your way to the check-in desk as soon as you arrive at the airport. Upon your arrival, to your transfer airport or your final destination, our staff will meet you at the aircraft and accompany you through the entire process: border control, luggage reclaim, customs.

    Can I travel with my electric wheelchair?

    Yes. Please provide us with the features of your wheelchair when you request the My Way service.

    I'm diabetic. Can I take my insulin on board?

    Yes. If you’re using injectable medication (for example, insulin) and you are travelling to a country with limited resources, you should always carry sufficient medication and syringes for the flight and your stay in your hand luggage. You must also have with you the written medical indications.

    What medicines can I carry in my hand luggage?

    TAP places no restrictions in the transportation of pills, liquid preparations or syrups in hand luggage, if they have to be taken during the flight as required for medical treatment or for a specific dietetic condition. Airport authorities may hold back any liquid medication which exceeds 100ml per container. Passengers are advised to bring documentation, such as a medical certificate or any other relevant proof attesting to the need for its tranportation during the flight, in order to facilitate and make security control measures quicker.

    If the medication needs to be kept in an on-board refrigerated area, such a request should be made no less than 72 hours before departure; the cooler bags permitted to be stored in these refrigerated areas should not exceed 15 by 20 cm, and should be made of soft material.  TAP should be informed of the dimensions and total weight of the case carrying your medication beforehand.

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