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    Banque BCP

    Banque BCP

    Earn miles with Banque BCP.

    Use the BCP Visa Card of Banque BCP and earn Victoria miles.

    Earn miles with Banque BCP

    Earn miles by shopping, transferring money to Portugal or by taking out a personal loan.

    To earn miles you have to open a bank account with Banque BCP, sign up for a BCP Visa card and transfer money to Millennium BCP bank in Portugal. The payment of the interest on a personal loan taken out with Banque BCP also offers miles.
    €10 spent BCP Victoria Bleue Visa card
    igual a
    0.75 Miles
    €10 spent BCP Victoria Visa Premier card
    igual a
    1 Mile
    €10 spent transfers to Millennium BCP Portugal
    igual a
    1 Mile
    €1 spent on interest personal loan
    igual a
    3 Miles
    Minimum ATM withdrawal of €60 Maximum of 2 withdrawals per day
    igual a
    20 Miles
    Signing up bonus 1st transaction
    igual a
    1,000 Miles

    Terms and conditions

    1. There is a minimum of €60 per withdrawal and a maximum of two withdrawals per day, in order to earn miles.
    2. Transfers have to be made through Banque BCP cash machines (ATM).
    3. Ceilings: Withdrawals = €1,530 for each 7 day period; Payments = €7,630 in a 30 day period.