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    MEO - Miles on the Mobile

    MEO - Miles on the Mobile

    Earn miles with MEO - Miles on the Mobile.
    MEO is the largest mobile network in Portugal and also offers miles! All Victoria Customers who are also customers of MEO Rede Voz Móvel can collect miles when they use their mobiles.

    Earn miles with MEO - Miles on your Mobile

    Whether you are a private or business customer, earn miles with MEO - Miles on the Mobile!

    If you are a private customer, phone 1696, for the customer care service, or go to a MEO Store and give you Victoria Customer number. Your miles will be automatically credited to your Victoria account.

    If you are a PT Empresas customer, select one of the following options to collect miles:

    • Option 1: A Victoria Client card collects miles from a MEO mobile number.
    • Option 2: A Victoria Client card collects miles from all the MEO mobile numbers associated with the same tax number.
    • Option 3: A number of Victoria cards collect miles from all the MEO mobile numbers associated with the same tax number and the miles are distributed equally among them.


    If you are a PT Empresas customer, send a letter or fax on headed notepaper or signed and stamped by the person in charge to formalise your subscription. Please include the following documents:

    • A company phone number.
    • The MEO account number or Multibanco reference.
    • The miles option selected.
    • The Victoria Client numbers that will be earning miles.

    Start collecting miles!

    €1 spent
    igual aigual a
    1 mile

    Terms and conditions

    1. Use of the mobile that will generate miles is calculated from the first day of the month in which MEO Rede Móvel receives formalisation of subscription. The miles are not allocated immediately, however.
    2. Miles are limited to compliance with the payment terms agreed upon with MEO Mobile Network.
    3. MEO Mobile Network will not allocate any miles if the use generating their allocation is proven by documents to have been made more than six months previously.
    4. Any credit items to partners/suppliers, credits of MEO points, equipment receipts, top-up bonuses, upgrade credits or other MEO mobile network bonuses are not considered for calculating the miles, nor are invoices that are settled after the respective due date.
    5. For private customers, each Victoria Customer number can only be associated with one mobile number.
    6. For PT Empresas customers, the chosen option will apply to all MEO cards identified with the company’s tax number.
    7. Clients with tariffs arising from offers/packages that include television/internet services and MEO mobile services, MEO One and PC/Tablet Mobile Internet clients with post-paid subscription tariffs are not eligible to join the partnership.