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    Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Earn miles with Mitsubishi Electric.

    Mitsubishi Electric is offering you the chance to equip your home or office with an air conditioning unit while raising the temperature of your Victoria account with some more miles.

    Earn miles with Mitsubishi Electric

    Purchase a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner and earn miles.

    €1 spent
    igual a
    5 Miles

    Terms and conditions

    1. Offer available to all Victoria Clients.
    2. To benefit from this promotion you must contact Mitsubishi Electric to get the name of their nearest installer to you.
    3. The miles offered are related to the cost of the air conditioning unit and do not include the cost of installation.
    4. Work carried out exclusively by Mitsubishi Electric installers upon presentation of a Victoria Client card.
    5. Miles will be credited by Mitsubishi Electric according to the sales information from the installer.