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    Earn miles faster with Victoria+!

    Earn more and faster

    With Victoria+ you immediately earn up to fourteen thousand miles and whenever you fly on TAP, you get extra miles.

    When you sign up for one of these plans (BASE, SUPER or PRIME), you’ll add up to three thousand miles to your account every month.

    Find out which plan is best suited to your profile.

    * Miles are credited on the basis of preset amounts, which are subject to the Victoria+ Terms and Conditions.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before signing up for Victoria + and making your purchase.

    By accessing and using this application, you declare you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions described below. The Victoria Programme may alter these terms and conditions at any time, and any changes come into force on the date they are published. Any subsequent access and use will be deemed to be an unequivocal sign that you have read, accepted and understood the amended terms and conditions. By using these web pages or making a purchase through them, you are consenting to be bound by these conditions.

    Victoria+ is designed for Victoria Programme Clients. It consists of package plans, lasting twelve (12) months, that award bonus miles and benefits.

    Signing up:

    • Signing up for one of the Victoria+ packages entails a loyalty commitment and assumes acceptance of the 12-month commitment period.
    • At the end of this period, the plan is not automatically renewable for equal periods of time. The accumulation of miles and benefits ceases, and you then have to acquire a new package.
    • You cannot purchase more than one package at any one time.
    • Signing up for Victoria+ assumes you have prior knowledge and accept the specific terms and conditions that apply to Victoria+ as well as of the general terms and conditions of the Victoria Programme.
    • Transactions are irreversible.

    Crediting of miles and benefits:

    • The miles of the Victoria+ packages are only added after registration. They are Bonus Miles and do not count for the purposes of promotion to a higher status.
    • The Bonus Miles and benefits are personal and cumulative to your Victoria Account. Victoria+ packages cannot be transferred between Victoria accounts.
    • Benefits cannot be earned with ground partners other than the one(s) identified in the package acquired.
    • Once you have signed up, you receive monthly miles and other benefits according to the package acquired.
    • The total number of miles advertised, which is the maximum that can be earned during the year the package is in effect, depends on the total number of miles credited in conjunction with purchases made with the ground partner’s card.

    Victoria + Base Package Plan:

    • Sign-up Bonus Miles – 3,000
    • Monthly Bonus Miles – 1,000
    • Additional Bonus Miles credit on TAP flights (value calculated according to the total number of miles credited for the flight in question) - 10%

    Victoria + Super Package Plan:

    • Sign-up Bonus Miles – 6,000
    • Monthly Bonus Miles – 2,000
    • Additional Bonus Miles credit on TAP flights (value calculated according to the total number of miles credited for the flight in question) - 25%
    • Discount on changes to Award Tickets - 50%
    • Waiting list permission on Award Tickets with TAP Portugal.

    Victoria+ Prime Package Plan:

    • Sign-up Bonus Miles– 14,000
    • Monthly Bonus Miles – 3,000
    • Additional Bonus Miles credit on TAP flights (value calculated according to the total number of miles credited for the flight in question) - 50%
    • Discount on change to Award Ticket booking - 100%
    • TAP Portugal Award Ticket waiting list permission.

    Package prices:

    • The price of each package is always shown on our web page, except in cases of obvious error.
    • The amount to be charged to the client is stated in euros and is for the total amount of the package.

    Forms of payment:

    • Credit Card - Payment can be made using a VISA or Mastercard credit card.

    Customer Support and other information:

    • For further information, please contact the Victoria Assistance Centre by calling (+351) 707 205 700. You can also contact Victoria by e-mail at