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Answers to your questions about luggage during your whole journey.

What is the piece concept?

The piece concept is based on the number of pieces of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry.

What is the weight concept?

The weight concept is based on the total weight of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry.

Which concept (pieces or weight) does TAP use?

TAP currently uses the piece concept on all operating flights. The same applies to TAP Express flights.

What is hand luggage?

Hand luggage is the luggage you can take with you into the cabin of the aircraft.

What is checked luggage?

This is luggage that is transported in the aircraft hold.

How much checked luggage am I allowed to take?

It will depend on your flight ticket conditions. In accordance with International Occupational Health and Safety Standards, TAP does not carry bags or other pieces of luggage weighing more than 32 kg. Bags/volumes weighing more that 32kg must be carried as cargo.

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Do I have to pay for my checked luggage?

Yes. The number of pieces transport will depend on your fare class, the destination and your TAP Miles&Go Status.

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If I have excess luggage, where should I pay for extra luggage?

If you haven't purchased it in advance, you can pay for extra luggage at the airport on the day of the flight.

I'm travelling with a child. What luggage can I take?

If you're travelling with a child over 2 years old, he will be given the same baggage allowance as an adult. For infants up to 2 years of age, 1 piece of checked baggage with a maximum of 10kg is permitted, except when travelling in tap|discount. Please read all special conditions for travelling with children and babies here.

I'm a Gold TAP Miles&Go Client. Am I entitled to extra baggage?

Yes. One extra piece of checked baggage is allowed for:
  • Gold Clients from the TAP Miles&Go Miles Programme.
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    Whenever you travel with TAP you can carry cabin luggage completely free of charge.
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