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    Amieira Marina

    Amieira Marina

    You can earn miles with Amieira Marina!

    Amieira Marina brought a new concept to Portugal which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Alqueva reservoir, on boats with a capacity for 2-12 people.

    Earn miles with Amieira Marina.

    If you like adventures, Amieira Marina allows you to enjoy a short stay or even to spend several weeks on board. Learn how you can earn miles while having fun with your friends on a boat.

    All you have to do to earn miles with Amieira Marina is reserve your experience on board one of the company’s boats, ranging from houseboats to simple kayaks. Enjoy the natural beauty of Alqueva and its lakeside villages, on board one of the vessels and without needing to have a sailor’s licence (PDF). Have a nice trip!
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