Go to the top of the world


The difficult part will be choosing between the rich history and culture of the cities, the lakes, the mountains and the Aurora Borealis...Book your trip to the Canada and...

Go to the top of the world
Wrap up warm and head north to Canada – during the winter when the nights are long and dark. Marvel at the immense white landscape and witness the almost mythical phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis. The Inuit believe the lights are so intense that they sing. Travel through the Northwest Passage, passing icebergs in the company of whales and sleeping on boats or in cabins, experiencing a truly Canadian adventure.

Discover cities in the heart of nature
As well as its lakes, forests and mountains Canada’s cities are worth a visit. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the largest, but there are many others waiting to be discovered. The City of Quebec, for example, is considered the most European of North American cities and the only one that is fortified. Edmonton organises more than 30 festivals each year, covering a range of themes, from music to skiing, through cinema and beer. Discover an ocean or mountain on each corner and admire the vast gardens of flowers when you visit Victoria. Start with Toronto and go back to Canada as often as you like.
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