Travel checklist

Are you planning your next trip? Make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Don’t forget your documents.

Here is some advice we have for you when travelling.

 1. Make sure that your ID has not expired.

Check that your documents, especially your passport, are in order. The required validity varies from one country to another, so always check. This will ensure that you are not denied entry into a foreign country

 2. Make photocopies of your documents

Make copies of your travel documents, such as boarding passes and hotel bookings in case you lose the originals.

 3. Ask your bank which cards to use

Tell your bank you are going to be travelling before you go. Ask about debit or credit card charges.

Make sure that your ID has not expired

Preventive measures

Even if you are not ill, always take a first-aid kit or medication for unexpected problems.

  1. Have a checkup before leaving
    See your doctor for a checkup to make sure everything is OK before you go to prevent risks before or during your trip.
  2. Take your medication
    Take medication for unexpected illnesses such as headaches and upset stomachs, for example.
  3. Long-haul flights
    Make long flights more comfortable.
  4. Make a list of your valuables.
    Make sure you know what you have with you so that you don’t leave anything behind at the hotel.


Prepare for an adventure

For a great experience, start planning your trip as soon as you book.

  1. Be sure to book in advance
    Before travelling, make reservations at popular restaurants or buy tickets for the best museums to avoid having to queue.
  2. Find out about local customs
    Find out about the customs and culture at your destination and what expressions or gestures may be acceptable or unacceptable.
  3. Check your camera
    Before leaving, make sure that your memory card is empty, your battery is fully charged and you have your charger with you
  4. Take a good guide
    You need to be prepared to walk around the streets without getting lost and find out what is worth visiting during your stay. A travel guide will provide you with the information you need about your destination.
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