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    SANA Hotels

    SANA Hotels

    Earn miles at SANA hotels.
    SANA Hotels

    SANA hotels have a wide range of options for your holidays in Portugal and elsewhere!

    Earn miles with SANA Hotels

    SANA has 15 three-, four- and five-star hotels in Lisbon, Albufeira, Caldas da Rainha, Estoril, Sesimbra (Portugal), Berlin (Germany) and Luanda (Angola). Next to the sea or in the city centre, from the functional to the most sophisticated - just choose!

    To earn miles at SANA hotels, you must mention you are a Victoria Client when making your booking. When you pay, the miles earned will be credited to your Victoria account.
    €1 spent
    igual a
    1 mile

    Terms and conditions

    1. The benefits are as follows: each euro spent = 1 Victoria mile.
    2. Only valid for bookings made directly with the hotel via its website or by telephone
    3. Bookings made in any other way (via travel agents, online booking centre, etc.) are not eligible for miles.
    4. Miles are credited for payment made in cash or with debit or credit card.
    5. Miles are credited for the cost of accommodation, meals, spa treatments and other services.