Dolce Far Tutto


Center of the Roman and Christian empires, intellectual source of the Classical and Renaissance periods. It’s as if history runs through this country’s veins (even Napoleon had Italian genes).

The search for beauty
In arts and architecture, Italy is heaven on earth. In the capital Rome and Medici’s Florence; but also the cathedral of Milan, the University of Bologna and the canals of Venice. And never forget the eternal works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante, part of an incalculable cultural heritage.

The search for pleasure
You can tell the difference between the industrialized north and the more rural south, but every region is gorgeous and it’s easy to adapt to the Italian style of living. Whether in Tuscany tasting great wines, having ravioli for lunch on the island of Capri or in one of the many lively squares of Rome. Do it all.

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