Round the world trip

Plan a trip round the world, pack your bags and set off for adventure.

The longest ever trip

Round the world tickets are available in Business Class and Economy Class only on scheduled flights operated by Star Alliance. 

Return flights are permitted provided the destination airport and the airport used to initiate the return journey are different (open jaw). On the other hand, no more than one international departure and arrival in the country of origin is allowed. 

The award miles are debited from your miles account when the booking is confirmed. When the ticket has been purchased the passenger can change the flight times, but they cannot change the route.

Seat availability varies according to the destination and season chosen. Seats are limited, even on flights not completely full.

Round the world ticket

You can book your round the world trip in two ways:
  • Using miles, through the TAP Miles&Go Programme.
  • Through Star Alliance.

How many miles you need to go round the world?

In Economy Class
250,000 miles
In Business Class
350,000 miles
  1. Round the world tickets are available in Executive Class and Economy Class only on scheduled flights operated by Star Alliance.
  2. 250,000 miles will be charged in economy class and 350,000 miles in executive class.
  3. If flights in different classes are booked, the number of miles corresponding to the highest class booked will be charged.
  4. The miles corresponding to the award are debited from your account at the time of booking confirmation.
  5. The route may not have more than 10 flights.
  6. Open-jaws and a maximum of 6 stops longer than 24 hours are permitted.
  7. The route shall include the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
  8. The trip must end in the country of origin.
  9. The trip can be made in a westerly or easterly direction, but continuously in the same direction, without the possibility of reversing the direction.
  10. As with all miles tickets, the number of seats is limited, even on flights that are not fully booked.
  11. Once the ticket has been purchased, passengers can only change the flight dates. They cannot change the route, class or airline operating the flight.
  12. The ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  13. The ticket may not be cancelled after the start of the journey.
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Discover all the benefits
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