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Madeira. Here we go.

Madeira is an excellent tourist destination and has everything you can look for.

It has superb cuisine full of intense tastes and leafy tropical vegetation that is unlike anything else in the world. Madeira also lets you enjoy countless sports activities as well as leisure and relaxation to make your journey really memorable.
If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday, look no further!
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Whale watching, swimming with dolphins, climbing wooded slopes or going hang gliding – these are just the beginning. Book a flight to Funchal and...

Enjoy the island's colours

One of the most famous places in Madeira is definitely the Monte. Here nature is all around you in ornate gardens and Nossa Senhora Church is also well worth a visit. Then take a ride back down by cable car or in a traditional wicker toboggan. At the bottom, visit São Lourenço Fort and feast your eyes on the exotic fruits in Lavradores Market.

And Funchal's flavours

You must absolutely drink ”poncha” and taste the famous sweets made from fennel (funcho), which gave its name to the city! You can enjoy folk dancing, special events and beaches. There are a number of bathing complexes from Formosa to Ponta Gorda. And of course on New Year's Eve the skies light up with the largest firework display in the world.

And Run it

For athletes who love nature, is almost obligatory to go trail running in Madeira. Put yourself to the test on trails through a UNESCO world natural heritage forest, up mountain summits that touch the skies and along ancient irrigation channels (levadas) that are living testimonies of human ingenuity. Enjoy stunning landscapes with the sea as companion.

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