Close up of a smiling woman and a smiling man sitting on an airplane. The woman is holding a tablet, and the man is looking at it. They are both pointing to the tablet screen. There are two screens in front of them, built into the plane's seats.


Even when up in the clouds, you can access the Internet and travel to other worlds.

Stay connected up there with your loved ones down here

While traveling on our A330neo and A321LR neo, you can exchange messages with your family and friends, send work emails or simply show on social media that you are traveling with TAP. 

We believe that every flight is more than just a trip from A to B. It's an experience, an opportunity to explore, learn and, of course, stay connected! To make your in-flight experience more than just a trip, you can now enjoy free messaging on apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp during your flight.  

Your trip is more than a destination - it's a story, and we want you to share it with the world!

Learn how to get connected, explore our available Wi-Fi plans, and browse the internet in the best possible way.

Connect via Wi-Fi

To connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi network, please follow these steps:
In the center of the illustration, a square with four icons: flight mode, mobile data connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. A hand is selecting the Wi-Fi option. To the left, an airplane window. To the right, a tablet and a smartphone, both displaying the Wi-Fi symbol on the screen.
1. Enable Wi-Fi 1

Switch your device into flight mode and enable Wi-Fi.

Illustration with three elements: on the center top, a search bar with the following link - On the lower left corner, a computer with the Wi-Fi symbol on the screen. On the lower right corner, a tablet and a smartphone, both with the Wi-Fi symbol on the screen.
2. Connect to the TAP network

If your browser does not start automatically when you connect to the TAP network, launch it and enter the following address:

In the center, a tablet with four options on the screen: A, B, C or D. One hand is holding the tablet while the other is selecting option C. To the left, an airplane window. To the right, a smartphone.
3. Select the rate

Select your rate and payment method from the available options.

And that's it! Your Wi-Fi is ready to use, as if you were on land. It's easy to control your spending, and you will only pay for the plan you want to use during your trip.

Available Wi-Fi data plans

Use apps to send text messages with the plan
Free Messaging
If you need to access the internet for a short time, choose the plan
For a slightly longer access, we offer the plan
Browse the internet throughout the flight, without limits, with the plan
Full Flight

1Available above 10,000 feet altitude only.

Another way to connect: GSM 3G/4G

15 minutes after take-off you can disable flight mode on your device and communicate as if you were on land. This way you can make calls, access voicemail, and send messages. In-flight roaming fares are determined by your mobile service operator — to learn more about these fares, please contact your operator.
To access your mobile network, simply follow these steps:
Illustration with one element in the center: a hand holding a smartphone. The smartphone highlights the flight mode and Wi-Fi icons, showing that they are turned off.
1. Disable flight mode and Wi-Fi
Illustration with one element in the center: mobile data icon with “on” selected.
2. Enable data roaming

It should turn on automatically. Otherwise, select AeroMobile network manually.

Once connected, you will receive a welcome message. Please note that international roaming fees apply.

Make sure roaming is enabled. 
No credit card, registration or login is required. 
Your operator will include the cost of your communications on your bill.
To minimize costs, we recommend that you disable the download and automatic update settings on your device.

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