Manage miles

Use your miles now or earn more miles to use later. It’s your choice.

  • Buy miles
    The Victoria Program allows you to buy enough miles for the award ticket or upgrade you’ve always wanted.
  • Extend validity of miles
    Don’t let the miles fly alone. Check your statement and see if you have miles expiring. Extend their life for another 3 years and travel even more.
  • Transferring miles
    Do you know anyone who is a few miles short of the amount needed for their dream trip? Transfer your miles to someone special and help make dreams come true!
  • Converting miles
    Do you need more Status Miles to maintain or raise your Victoria status? Covert your Bonus Miles into Status Miles and have more benefits!
  • Claiming miles
    If you have used a service that should have earned you miles but they haven’t been credited to you, please claim them.
  • Donate miles
    Would you like to help those most in need? Donate miles and help our partner institutions achieve their mission to reach out to all.