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The most romantic TAP destinations

Can you feel love in the air?

If not, look for more romantic environments. Come on board and choose a destination tailored to your heart... and your soul-mate's.

City or nature, modernity or history, the truth is that all destinations can be romantic if we want them to. Here, however, are some suggestions.

Paris, the City of Love

"We will always have Paris", and this couldn't be truer. Renowned worldwide as the most romantic city in the world, it is a destination not to be missed if your goal is to date.

The beautiful scenery helps, of course. Who does not know someone who knelt down by the Eiffel Tower for a wedding proposal? Who does not want to take a photograph next to the mysterious pyramid of the Louvre and who has never dreamed of walking hand in hand in the Champs Elysées?

Paris offers everything we know from cinema, literature and friends' stories, but there is much more to discover. With your other half, it will be even better.

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Romance in Venice

Venice is a dream destination for romance seekers.

Cinema has done half the work, and is there a more romantic program than a gondola ride through the city's canals, a dinner for two in a picturesque area of this city or a walking tour of streets that are so narrow that it is impossible not to walk close to each other?

Maybe yes, and it will be delightful to discover new ways of making the stay in Venice even better than imagined.

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Azores and how nothing is more romantic than Nature

There are two destinations in the wonderful archipelago of the Azores, in the Atlantic Ocean, which you can visit with TAP: Terceira and Ponta Delgada (São Miguel).

And why choose? Choose both and consider visiting the remaining, smaller but not less beautiful islands. Whether you like Nature or simply want to escape the urban hustle and bustle of every day in the best company, Azores is the perfect choice. Wonderful landscapes, pristine places, good food, great people.

Memories that you can keep for a lifetime or, better still, places where you can always return.

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Sintra, beautiful and mysterious

Close to Lisbon, in the middle of a mountain and close to the sea, a treasure almost hidden among the mists, awaits passionate couples from all over the world.

Sintra is a charming village with an unforgettable beauty and a place that cannot be missed by those who travel to Portugal.

The palaces and mysteries, the green that surrounds all places, the delicacies that invite you to return. All this is amazing in solitary and introspective walks or with friends, but it is undoubtedly better in the company of whom we like the most. Portugal is a romantic destination and Sintra is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of this romanticism.

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New York, an apple that is not a sin

The "Big Apple" is probably on the wish list of all couples who love to travel. And when we talk about a city that is a world, it could not be otherwise. New York is romantic, but not in the bucolic sense of the term.

The romance here is vibrant, frantic and energizing, like the city itself. Whether you choose to do a museum marathon - one of the most incredible in the world - to explore Broadway musicals (why choose only one?), walk in the green parks surrounding the endless skyscrapers or climb to the top of some of the world's tallest buildings, the success of a stay for two in this city is guaranteed.

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Budapest, two cities in one

Close to those in Europe, mysterious to those traveling from the Americas or Africa, Budapest is a must-see capital in the Old Continent, especially to spend a few romantic days, maybe on Valentine's Day or on a special birthday celebration.

Put yourself in a privileged spot to see Budapest and other European cities - such as Munich or Vienna - and experience a Danube cruise, possibly one of the most romantic programs of your life. In the city, stroll through Buda and Pest, two halves of a single city, and don't miss the opportunity to visit the traditional Baths, or the Royal Castle, a World Heritage Site.

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