Flight extras

TAP offers several extra services on each flight that can provide you with a unique experience.

All the convenience for your trip

On land or on board discover the services and extras can offer you.
Enjoy greater flexibility in managing your booking. Find out what we have available and how to purchase it.
The illustration is composed of three elements: in the center, the front of a white plane with a dark green outline. On the left, two green bollards attached one another by a red stripe. In the upper right corner, an information sign, in shades of green, with iconography related to the departures from the airport.
Preferred Boarding
  • Be one of the first to board the plane.
  • Board in zone A, right after Premium passengers.
  • Get more room in the cabin for your hand baggage.
  • Available from €8 / $10 / 14 CAD or 2.000 miles.
Hold baggage
  • For passengers flying on Discount to Europe and North Africa
  • Available from €30 / $39 / 49 CAD or 6.000 miles;
  • Don't leave anything behind and take all your assets with you!
Illustration consisting of four elements. In the foreground, in the center, there is a wheeled hold bag with a '+' seal on its upper right corner. In the background there is a travel bag and, behind it, a sign saying 'Best Deal' on the left and a briefcase with a handle on the right.
Extra checked baggage
  • Book one extra piece of baggage with maximum weight of 23 kg / 50 lbs and 158 cm / 62 in;
  • from €55 / $70 / 84 CAD or 11.000 miles for Europe and North Africa flights;
  • from €75 / $95 / 114 CAD or 15.000 miles for Intercontinental flights.
Seat Reservation

Book early and save up to 40%

  • Standard Area - Most economic travel.
  • Comfort Area - With extra space, reclining chairs with headrest adjustment, tablet holder, access to power supply and USB connection. 
  • Emergency exit - More legroom!
  • Available from 10€ / $13 / 17 CAD or 2,500 miles.
Illustration with white and light blue background, displaying 3 elements. To the center, highlighted, a white surfboard with dark green outlining. To the left, a bicycle, and to the right, a bag with golf clubs, both colored in pink and green tones.
Sports equipment
  • Safe transport in the hold;
  • Prices depend on the type of equipment;
  • There are specific transport conditions for each type of equipment;
  • Available from €45 / $58 / 69 CAD or 9,000 miles.
Illustration with three elements: In the center, an information board with iconography showing the departures from the airport. On the board, a red stamp with two white arrows depicting the Fast track service. To the right below, a TAP ticket in red and light green hues. To the right, a light green passport.
Fast Track
  • Faster and easier access to the boarding gate;
  • Priority at the security and X-ray check;
  • The service is called Green Way in Portuguese airports.
  • Available from €10 / $13 / 17 CAD or 2.071 miles.
Composition with a white and light blue background. In the center, on a one-legged table, a bottle and a bowl with a bunch of grapes. All elements have a white background and a green outline. To the left, in the background, a green glass with a red liquid. To the right, a green tablet with a white screen and the wi-fi symbol in pink.
  • A more comfortable wait;
  • Rest or working area;
  • Available as an extra for Discount, Basic, Classic and Plus products;
  • Available from €25 / $31 / 41 CAD or 4.950 miles.
Special meals
  • Meals adapted to a wide range of special diets;
  • Includes food allergy options;
  • Specific options for babies and children.
Illustration with white and light blue background, showing in the center, highlighted, the figures of a dog and a cat colored in shades of green.
Miles&Go Pets
2 ways to book your pet's transport. Book with:
  • Cash and earn 250 or 500 miles.
  • Miles, starting with 8,000 miles.
Important information
  • These services are available only on flights operated by TAP or operated on its behalf and TAP Express;
  • Non-refundable (check the exceptions applied);
  • Subject to availability;
  • The payment of extras using miles is only available online, when making your booking on or though Manage Booking.
Visit the respective service page for more information.