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    Meninos de Oiro

    Meninos de Oiro

    Thank you for all the donated miles.

    The Meninos de Oiro Association was created in order to protect the inalienable Rights of the Child. To protect the human beings we have brought into the world, so that they are not victims of the mistreatment of that world. Because we think that the Child is not a minor, but the purest and potentially transformational force of nature. The Child is a Person with Rights who must be respected so that he or she can be happy. The Child is our gold, the most beautiful form of wealth, to be defended before all else.

    Thank you for all the donated miles

    This partnership has been so successful that we can no longer accept donations for this cause.

    Please have a look at our other partner institutions that also need your help.

    Thank you very much for caring!