Until December 15th, donate your miles to a good cause.
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Together let’s transform Christmas

By donating your miles to this cause, you’ll be giving TAP Store gifts to the children of the CASA Association and making their Christmas a much happier one.

Give gifts and smiles with your miles

Thanks to your miles donation, you are helping lots of children have a happier Christmas.
Until December 15th, all miles donated to this cause will be converted into TAP Store products for the children of CASA — Support Centre for the Homeless.

Help us bring the joy of Christmas and put smiles on the faces of children from families supported by the CASA Amiga project. Choose the number of miles you wish to donate and give wings to this good cause!
About the Association
CASA aims to help homeless people and families at risk or in need through the donation of food and clothing, social support and reintegration services.

The Support Centre for the Homeless has 1,703 volunteers who support 4,846 people from families at risk and 1,998 homeless people. In 2020, the Association served 513,247 meals and gave out 20,396 hampers to families at risk.
Close up view from the outside of a building in whose wall is attached a tablet with the inscription "TAP Store."
How the TAP Store Contributes

Through the miles donated by TAP Miles&Go Customers, the TAP Store will give out toys, teddy bears, mugs, speakers, headphones and many other products, so that CASA's children can have a happier Christmas.
For more information, see the Association website or contact them.
  1. Once donated, your miles cannot be reclaimed.
  2. This donation is not tax-deductible.
  3. This campaign is valid until 15 December 2021 or until the stipulated donation limit has been reached.
  4. Campaign valid for TAP Miles&Go Customers who wish to donate miles.
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