A passenger in the foreground and a flight attendant behind, standing inside the plane, in an environment with some natural light. The smiling passenger is placing her hand baggage in the luggage compartment, while the flight attendant, also smiling, helps.

Travelling with hand baggage on TAP

The most important things go with you! Find out what baggage you can take with you in the cabin, and the maximum sizes and weights of hand baggage allowed.
Alcohol-based hand disinfectant
Passengers can carry alcohol-based hand disinfectant in the cabin or the hold up to the maximum limit.

What you can take in the cabin

The number of items you can carry for free in the cabin depends on the ticket class and destination:
If you are travelling in Economy Class
1 item of hand baggage + 1 personal item
If you are travelling in Business Class, to/from North America
1 item of hand baggage + 1 personal item
Executive Class, to/from Europe, Africa, South America or domestic flights
2 items of hand baggage + 1 personal item

Maximum sizes and weights for hand baggage

Illustration composed of two representations of the same element - a handbag with wheels, colored in shades of green. On the left, the case is displayed sideways, indicating the maximum width allowed for hand baggage: 20 cm. On the right, the front representation of the case, with the indication of maximum length and height: 40 cm and 55 cm, respectively.
55x40x20cm / 22x16x8in

Maximum size of height x length x width of hand luggage, regardless of the destination.

Illustration of a backpack, colored in shades of green, with a stamp indicating that it can have a maximum weight of 8 kg.
8kg / 17Ibs

Maximum weight of hand baggage in Economy and Executive classes to all destinations, except Venezuela and Brazil.

Illustration of a handbag with wheels, colored in shades of green, with a seal indicating that it can have a maximum weight of 10 kg.
10kg / 22lbs

Maximum weight of hand baggage, in Economy Class, for the destinations: Venezuela and Brazil.

See the charges for excess weight and/or size for this kind of baggage.

What is a personal item?

On TAP, apart from one item of hand baggage, you can take a personal item into the cabin of up to 2kg / 4.4lb:
  • Bags: Handbag, computer case or shoulder bag measuring no more than: 40x30x15cm / 16x12x5in.
  • Duty Free Shop Bag: A bag with up to 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages, or other items (provided they do not exceed the maximum indicated weight).
  • Walking aids: Mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, etc.
  • Medical devices: upon prescription/prior approval.

Where to store hand baggage

The legs and arms of a passenger, sitting in an airplane seat, in an illuminated environment. The passenger is accommodating a blue backpack under the front seat.
Under the seat in front of you

Whenever possible, store your hand baggage should be placed under the seat in front of you.

A line of open air luggage compartments, in a very bright environment. Inside you can see several bags, and in the foreground there is a suitcase with wheels. In the background there are several people standing, in the hallway.
In the overhead lockers

If your hand baggage is too large or if you are seated in the emergency row or the first row in the cabin, hand baggage should be stored in the overhead lockers.

On very busy flights, you may have to place your hand baggage in the hold due to lack of space on board. In these situations, you will be asked for your baggage at the boarding gate and it will be delivered to your destination on the Arrivals baggage carrousel.

Security Control precautions

Illustration composed of 6 elements, where the highlights are, in the foreground, a tray with a plastic bottle, a tablet and a camera. In the background, a pair of headphones and a second tablet are present.
  • Liquids: Put all liquids in individual containers of up to 100ml in a transparent bag of up to 1l.
  • Electronic devices: Remove computers, cameras, tablets, mobile phones and so on from your bags.
  • Metal objects: Remove all metal items, such as earrings, pins, keys, watches, coins, etc. from your body and pockets.
  • Clothes and footwear: Take off your jacket, belt and shoes to avoid having to go through the X-ray more than once.

Do you need to carry special baggage in the cabin?

Find out what type of special baggage you can carry in the cabin and their transportation conditions.
Find out more
Find out more
Special cabin baggage
Take the more fragile, largest and most valuable items with you in the cabin.
Find out more
Find out more
Musical instruments
Book an extra seat beside you for your musical instrument (up to 75kg / 165lb).
Find out more
Find out more
Dangerous items
See the dangerous items that are subject to restrictions and how you can carry them on TAP.

Charges for excess hand baggage

If you exceed the number or weight of items of hand baggage, the following charges apply:
  • From 70 EUR – On domestic and European flights or flights to Morocco.
  • From 85 EUR / 106 USD / 134 CAD – On intercontinental flights.


Payment is made only by credit card at the boarding gate.

Travel restrictions

Flights to Brazil

If you are travelling to Brazil and intend to take food and/or animal and vegetable products with you, read the Passenger Guide (PDF, 0.1, PT) to see the rules. 

Traveling from Berlin

For flights departing from Berlin, and as per measures imposed by airport security, passengers should only transport one piece of hand luggage and any remaining luggage should be checked in. Prior to arriving at security control, passengers should store all the contents of their pockets within their jacket or the hand luggage, and larger electronic items (laptops, tablets and medical devices) as well as the bag for carrying liquids should be taken out of hand luggage for security verification."

View FAQ
View FAQ
Do you have any other questions about your baggage?
Check our FAQs to clear up any questions regarding restricted items on board or the carriage of:

Alcoholic beverages or other items containing alcohol (e.g., hand sanitisers);
Televisions and screens.
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