Best offers to Lisbon and Madeira

Because visitors to Portugal never forget.

Never been there?

Beautiful Lisbon, the capital, is an international celebrity. In Madeira, nature rules supreme. 

In Lisbon, take a stroll along the river bank, hand-in-hand with history

Enjoy the city's delightful weather. Nip down to Belém and explore the monuments to the Discoveries by the sparkling Tagus. But there are other unique places such as Terreiro do Paço, one of Europe's largest squares, and Cais do Sodré. Or even Portas do Sol in Alfama, where the view will take your breath away!

In Madeira you can watch Whales, swimming with dolphins, climbing wooded slopes, going hang gliding or simply enjoy the island's colours.

One of the most famous places in Madeira is definitely the Monte. Here nature is all around you in ornate gardens and Nossa Senhora Church is also well worth a visit. Then take a ride back down by cable car or in a traditional wicker toboggan. At the bottom, visit São Lourenço Fort and feast your eyes on the exotic fruits in Lavradores Market.

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