Assistance for reduced mobility passengers. Guaranteed support at the airport and until you board your flight.
To provide you with all the necessary attention and ensure a comfortable journey, we help you to overcome the difficulties and shorten distances in the airport.

The ideal solution for you


For passengers with reduced mobility but who can go up and down stairs as well as move about inside the plane cabin.

If the main obstacle for the passenger is the distance to and from the aircraft, we can provide a wheelchair at check-in. You must request one at least 48 hours before your flight.


This is a free service that TAP provides for passengers with reduced mobility to get up and down stairs.

To the seat

For passengers with reduced mobility, we suggest travelling with a companion for comfort and safety reasons. However, if you are able to ensure your mobility and plan to travel alone, you can do so.

TAP does not provide any assistance on board after the declaration of autonomy has been made by such passengers, neither do we provide assistance in the lavatories, or for lifting up, carrying or feeding passengers.

There is no need to obtain a doctor’s authorisation to travel. Such an authorisation is only necessary if the passenger has health problems that prove to require medical treatment.

No waiting list is permitted for this service.

How to book?

Requesting assistance is simple, just fill in the request for assistance to be provided to people with special needs form
You can do it through our Contact Center or your travel agency.

If the passenger has severe motor difficulties, they should travel with a companion because on-board assistance is limited. However, if the passenger is independent and intends to travel alone, then they can do so.


Check-in can be completed online, at the airport or using Online Check-in content the other options, such as checking-in at home.

If you check-in online your boarding card must be collected from a check-in desk at the airport, so that we can ensure the assistance we provide is well managed.

How is the assistance provided?

At the airport

When you arrive at the airport you must go to our check-in desk, where you will have all the support to ensure a smooth journey.

In Lisbon you will find us in Terminal 1 Departures, at the dedicated special assistance desks.

If you are a TAP/Star Alliance Gold member or are travelling in Executive Class, use the check-in services in the Premium area.
Flights Recommended airport arrival time  Latest possible airport arrival time 
Intercontinental3 hours prior to departure
90 minutes prior to departure
Europe 2 hours prior to departure
90 minutes prior to departure

On board

The crew will help you to embark/disembark, ensure you are comfortable on board and give you information. However, the crew cannot help you with your personal care, feeding or help you move about inside the aircraft.

If necessary, TAP can provide wheelchairs on board long-haul flights that are specially designed to move about in the narrow aisles, and which will enable you to move around the cabin.

On arrival

Our staff will meet you at the aircraft on arrival at your transfer airport or final destination and will accompany you through the entire process: passport control, luggage reclaim and customs.

Number of passengers per aircraft type

Aviões Airbus Aircraft – TAP Fleet
Airbus Seats Division by class
A319 6 4 in Economy Class and 2 in Executive Class | 2 stretchers
A320 8 6 in Economy Class and 2 in Executive Class | 2 stretchers
A321 8 6 in Economy Class and 2 in Executive Class | 2 stretchers
A330 6 4 in Economy Class and 2 in Executive Class | 2 stretchers
A340 10 8 in Economy Class and 2 in Executive Class | 2 stretchers

Passengers with reduced mobility

Please note that a copy of the document concerning air travel non-discrimination due to disability is available at Porto, Lisbon and Newark airports.

If you are interested, you can obtain a copy of these documents or more information from the contacts bob.ashby@dot.gov and blane.workie@dot.gov.

Flying with your own wheelchair

  • 48 Hours Before departure you must notify us of the need to transport a wheelchair.
Each passenger can transport up to two wheelchairs in the hold free of charge.
When booking you have to indicate if the wheelchair is manual or battery powered, as well as the type of battery and the respective specifications.
To avoid possible short-circuits, the batteries must always be properly protected, stowed, disconnected and the terminals covered with insulating material.
Electric wheelchairs cannot be transported to the plane. If your flight is operated by TAP, and if necessary, we will provide a replacement of a manual seat at check-in to ensure that you'll receive the necessary assistance. Please be advised that on flights operated by other airlines, the request for the transportation of an electric wheelchair may be denied / not authorized. Before traveling, confirm if the airline you have chosen allows you to transport your electric wheelchair.


See the rules and regulations relating to wheelchairs.
  • Flights to and from the USA
    TAP complies with US regulations preventing discrimination on the basis of disability on all its flights to and from the United States.

    A copy of this document is available for consultation at the desks in Lisbon, Porto, Newark and Miami airports.
    You may also request a copy of these regulations directly from the US Department of Transportation prior to flying:

    By telephone from within the United States via a free helpline for disabled passengers: 1-800- 778-4838 (speaking) or 1-800- 455-9880 (TTY);

    By telephone to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division: 202-366- 2220 (speaking) or 202-366-0511 (TTY);

    On the website of the Aviation Consumer and Protection Division (PDF, 0.1MB, EN); (DOT, 14 Part 382 ACAA, "Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel; Final Rule");

    In writing to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division: Aviation Consumer Protection Division C-75, U.S. Department of Transportation; 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building, Room W96-432; Washington, DC 20590, EUA.