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Because visitors to Portugal never forget and will eventually come back. None can resist the seduction of its different regions, from the Alentejo plains to the exuberance of its islands. Book a flight to Portugal.

This old country at the southwestern tip of Europe is small in size and population (10 million people) but is huge in history on land and sea. 

Never been there?

Beautiful Lisbon, the capital, is an international celebrity. But the Algarve's paradise beaches will also easily capture your attention. In Madeira and the Azores, nature rules supreme and has won a number of international awards. And in the north, the proud city of Porto is definitely in fashion. 

Endless heritage

It's not just the S. Vicente Panels at the National Museum of Antient Art. In Portugal it's so hard to choose. A Cruise on the River Douro? A fado house in Lisbon? Skiing on Estrela mountain? The best thing is to do it all! And taste it all — Mirandela sausage, Belém's custard tarts, not to mention a glass or two of Port.

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